Mar 272015

(Blogmensgo, gay blog March 27, 2015) The territory of Puerto Rico is preparing to recognize the validity of same-sex marriages legally contracted elsewhere without legalizing gay marriage on its own soil. This stems from what the governor announced on March 20, 2015, and has changed their position on marriage between persons of the same sex.

Ricky Martin : « Muchas gracias ! »

Ricky Martin : « Muchas gracias ! »

Puerto Rican law – not yet amended – states (31.1.III.29 § 221) that marriage can only be between a man and a woman. The same article specifically prohibits “any marriage between persons of the same sex or transgender,” even if such marriages were contracted in other jurisdictions than in Puerto Rico.

“We felt that there was no reason” to defend such a text, said Cesar Miranda, Puerto Rican Secretary of State for Justice. “The state can not favor such discrimination,” he said.

As Alejandro Garcia Padilla to the governor, he said he changed his mind despite “[his] religious beliefs” Catholicism is shared by 85% of its citizens.

The turnaround of the two leaders followed a ruling by the US District Court in Boston with jurisdiction over Puerto Rico.

In a decision taken on 21 October 2014 Judge Juan Pérez-Giménez had refused to consider incompatible with the 14 th Amendment the Puerto Rico ban gay marriage, based on a previous judgment made ​​by the Supreme Court there are over forty years (in 1972).

The plaintiff, Puerto Rico Para Todos , had appealed and the defendant, c that is to say, the government of Puerto Rico, had until March 20, 2015 to file its findings before the court ( source ).

Ricky Martin, the most famous native of the archipelago, immediately welcomed this decision.

Weddings recognition arrangements homos celebrated elsewhere as Puerto Rico have not been specified. For example, it is unclear whether this recognition also concern expatriate Puerto Ricans, even those who go elsewhere just to get married and return immediately.

Comment. Puerto Rico has formally decided not to support the ban on gay and lesbian marriage in its territory. Without legislation in its favor.

We are almost there, but not there yet.

Puerto Rico, for its status associated territory but not incorporated in the United States, is expected to apply all US federal laws except those that are “locally inapplicable” (according to Wikipedia ).

This means that even if the US Supreme Court held unconstitutional the ban on gay marriage, Puerto Rico may well refuse to comply with a judgment of federal scope.

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(via and release of 21 March 2015)

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Mar 262015

(Blogmensgo, gay blog March 26, 2015) This festival is from 26 to 28 June 2015, in the Paris Longchamp racecourse which will host the 17th edition of Solidays. The festival has just announced its final musical program. And like every year, the proceeds will be going towards research against HIV / AIDS.

Below is a great trailer for Solidays (and if the video does not engage, it is here ):

The programming of the 2015 vintage promises moments of intense auditory intoxication. Not because of alcohol – which is forbidden on the site during the three days of the festival – but by the grace of dozens of artists, including thirty headliners including twenty-three new participants.

Let’s start with the end. This is the last day that happens my favorite band, Moriarty. Franco-American group released a new album called Epitaph, April 13, 2015. Below, “Milena”, an extract from the same album.

Without excessive name-dropping, I will only mention in this paragraph the only artists that I know by at least one song. Rest assured, the list is short.
For the day of Friday, Izïa is the only of twelve names evoking any auditory memory. Yes, I know, I have aged a bit. – After scouring the ears
Yael Naim, Barbès National Orchestra and composed my I Am terra cognita of Saturday .

And on Sunday, in addition to Moriarty, there will Vianney, Mademoiselle K and Zebda.

But it seems that the seats are still available for the festival of around 80 performers that are expected to attend Longchamp Racecourse. For a more complete picture – and less ignorant – programming, click on the name of each of the three days (and nights) above.

Tickets are selling up fast, so if you want to go, you need to book now.

Note that like every year, Solidays sets up an important operation for information and prevention around sexuality and HIV / AIDS.

Finally, an English song about a girl who is his father Izia, danger of Jacques Higelin.

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(via Le Figaro of 25 March 2015)

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Mar 202015

(Blogmensgo, gay blog March 20, 2015) The Presbyterian Church of the United States has finally approved a new definition of marriage encompassing unions between persons of the same sex. It is March 17, 2015 that the text has obtained an absolute majority among the representative bodies. The change will take effect June 21, 2015.

Below is the official ratification of the amendment announced 14-F on the gay marriage. I chose the announcement … in Korean because the Korean spokesman is cuter than his American counterpart. :)

Marriage according Presbyterians now defined as uniting “two persons traditionally a man and a woman.” The previous definition was referring only to unions between “a man and a woman.”
“Marriage Involves a single commitment entre two people, a man and Traditionally a woman, to love and Support Each Other for the rest of Their Lives.”
“Marriage means the only commitment between two people, traditionally a man and a woman to love and support each other for the rest of their lives. »
Presbyterian ministers who do not wish to celebrate gay or lesbian marriage will not be required to do so. The US Presbyterian Church agreed previously to unite same sex couples, but only on a case by case basis and without giving the union called marriage. In some states or where gay marriage is legal, the Presbyterian ministers were allowed to celebrate gay or lesbians marriage provided their hierarchy was agreed.
Please do not confuse the US Presbyterian Church with the Presbyterian Church of America; it is firmly opposed to gay marriage.
The Presbyterian Church of the United States, which claims 1.8 million members, is the main US Presbyterian persuasion. The absolute majority of its 171 regional colleges – that unite nearly 10,000 local congregations – ratified the new definition of marriage as it had been passed by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church on June 19, 2014. At March 18, 2015, while 42 colleges had not yet voted, the absolute majority was already acquired by 87 votes to 41 votes against and 1 tie.
The vote by the General Assembly and ratification by the majority of collegial bodies have both sparked a wave of protests internally. Presbyterian College (the Americans call presbyteries) and faithful obedience to the left in recent years. Especially since 2011, when the Presbyterian Church USA has confirmed its decision to accept the ordination of gays and lesbians. This obedience has lost 428 congregations between 2011 and 2013, according to figures quoted by CBS.
(The Presbyterian Church of Scotland had undergone such turbulence two years later.
The start of the most conservative fringe facilitated obtaining an absolute majority for the recognition of gay marriage, even though many conservatives remained in the Presbyterian ranks.
Only a half-dozen American religious persuasions agree to marry people of the same sex, as counted by the Pew Research Center. The cumulative weight of these faiths remains a minority in the United States.
None of the three revealed religions has completely flipped, the United States, gay marriage camp. Muslims are hostile to it, while the subject divides the various Christian and Jewish faiths.
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(Via all the press on 18 March 2015, including The New York Times)
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