Oct 082014

(Blogmensgo, gay blog October 8, 2014) The Federal Supreme Court denied on October 6, 2014, to decide urgently on the constitutionality of the ban on gay marriage in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin. The road to gay marriage is therefore provisionally free in these five states.

Below is a story on the home of the new by gays and lesbians couples settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

The Supreme Court held that the referral by the five states could only be on the bottom. Decisions Court of Appeals therefore remain applicable as of right and not subject to appeal suspension. In other words, until the Supreme Court rules on the merits, the prohibition of marriage between persons of the same sex in these states is unconstitutional.

This non-decision of the highest American court door 19 to 24 the number of states that must be considered ipso facto as to the legality of gay and lesbian marriages.

Eleven other states are affected by similar or identical cases, up to 30 states could soon be asked to consider same-sex marriage legal. These states include North Carolina, South Carolina, Colorado, Kansas, West Virginia and Wyoming, these six States citizen to three federal courts of appeal upon which the five states in which the Supreme Court has shut up.

[ Update of October 8, 2014 . This same court just ruled unconstitutional the ban on gay marriage in Nevada (which the government chose not to defend) and Idaho (which is likely to bring the case before the Court Supreme Federal). It is therefore now 26 states where gay and lesbian marriage to be considered legal.]

The decision not to decide anything right now definitely has surprised many observers. Including the LGBT community, which welcomes pending Grand Soir a final decision legalizing gay marriage nationwide.
Federal Supreme Court appears to have chosen not to act as the decisions of the courts of federal appellate courts will not contradict himself. For now, they are all in favor of gay marriage.

Some believe that the Supreme Court wants to give it time. That is to say, it allows time for gays and lesbians couples to marry and decide definitively once the situation will become inextricably … favorable to gay marriage.
So she had carried in the 1960s, by not ruling on interracial marriage that once these, in 1967, came to the manners in 34 states.

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(via the entire American press of 6 October 2014, in particular the New York Times )

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Oct 022014

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of 02 October 2014) On the occasion of its thirtieth anniversary, the British monthly Gay Times Magazine awarded the title of “gay icon” to 30 personalities, including Tony Blair. The former prime minister, who is honoured for his iconic action for LGBT rights during his national mandates.

Gay Times Magazine: Website | Facebook

Tony Blair, gay icon? Of course! Gay Times.

Tony Blair, gay icon? Of course! Gay Times.

Gay Times Magazine claims to be the oldest gay magazine still active. It monthly sells paper and digital versions, but it reveals little of its content online.
What we do know is that Tony Blair and 29 other officials – including those referred to a number in September 2014 – are among the icons Gay of the past three decades.

The appointment of Tony Blair, 61, follows the gains made during his ten years (1997-2007) to the uncrowned head of the UK.

This decade the business has enabled him to legalize gay or lesbian adoption (2002), transformed into crime homophobia at work (2003), obtaining the right of sex change for trans (2004), create a homosexual civil partnerships or civil partnership (2005).

Tony Blair? Even his tie is iconic ... © Gaytimes.co.uk.

Tony Blair? Even his tie is iconic … © Gaytimes.co.uk.

It was also under the Blair government that the military has finally been able to work in the army without staying in the closet and that the age of consent was lowered to 16 years even for relations between homosexuals.

Comment. Which French politician leading – I repeat, leading – could have been included in such a record?

Robert Badinter, a former justice minister and Bertrand Delanoë, Mayor of Paris old? They never really part of the “inner circle” policy despite their media will.
And it’s not an insult to Roselyne Bachelot and Jean-Luc Romero not to include in this list, despite the exceptional quality of their political commitment.

So in France, no political figure of comparable stature has worked as much as Tony Blair in favor of LGBT rights over the past three decades. Worse, no personality of the same caliber has only half, a third or a quarter of what Tony Blair achieved. Which said he was “proud” to have been distinguished by Gay Times Magazine . Indeed, there is something to be proud of. Hats off to you, Mr Blair!

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(via The Guardian )

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Oct 012014

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of October 1, 2014) If in 2017 the line was for the business, 73% of French are opposed to a repeal of the Taubira law opening marriage to same-sex couples, according to a survey released by Odoxa September 27 2014 Even 56% of supporters of the UMP (right, former ruling party) believe that we should not remove gay marriage.

A right half soluble homophobia. Click to enlarge. © Odoxa.fr.

A right half soluble homophobia. Click to enlarge. © Odoxa.fr.

The survey shows a strong overall adherence to marriage between persons of the same sex. But also a significant contrast, a quarter of the population (26%) are saying they want it annulled.

However, the subject remains highly controversial even within the UMP, with 44% of supporters saying they want the disappearance of gay marriage if the right regains power. The figure is almost identical (43%) if we take into account all the supporters of right.

56% (supporters of the UMP) or 57% (supporters of the right) does not correspond to a percentage of ‘positive attitudes towards gay marriage, but a new state of opinions: many of them do not consider the fight against gay marriage as a priority action.

In fact, only 6% of supporters of the UMP or other right-wing parties (against 4% for all French) believe that the campaign for the primary within the UMP should focus on societal issues such that marriage for all, values, national identity, etc.

Methodology. survey conducted on 25 and 26 September 2014 with 1,001 users at least 18 years constituting a representative sample of the major French population. Quota method (age, gender and occupation) after geographical distribution. Survey conducted by Odoxa for the QED program on i> Tele.

Comment. nothing is ever forever.

The extreme complacency many media regarding ostensibly homophobic events and their muses certify that vigilance is still required. Vigilance which the figures in this survey show that it should certainly not be relaxed. Now or before the presidential election in 2017.

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(via The Seattle Lesbian of September 24, 2014)

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