Nov 272014

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of 27 November 2014) The first delivery of the Algerian quarterly webzine El Shad ‘ was released on November 20, 2014. The magazine, free and in French, is addressed to all of the Algerian, indeed Arabic LGBTI community.

El Shad ' for homophobia algériennesans society.

El Shad ‘ for homophobia algériennesans society.

Title El Shad ‘ refers to an insult shad which relates more or less – if I understand – to pédégouine (in english the closest I can get to this is ‘Queer Dyke’. At least this term does not include any form of heterosexual sex. “It is time to take ownership of this word,” proclaimed the founders of the magazine that also assigns the task of showing that “Algerian society today needs to be tolerant of difference.”

The magazine has a Facebook page to communicate with its readers and supporters. Online release is via the self-publishing platform MadMagz.

Each issue focuses on a theme and highlights an association that works in North Africa on the same theme. The first issue is devoted specifically to trans people and transsexuality. The date of November 20 is also the International Day in memory of the victims transgender ( TDOR ).

The interviewee in this inaugural issue is a transsexual named Estelle who is aged 38 years. The association highlighted entitled Alouen. It is in this association arguably that the kingpin of the magazine (O. Harim) and the other two co-founders of the magazine (Sappho and SP). El Shad ‘ , however, has no direct connection with Alouen. The association is also Alouen partner Lexo Fanzine , a lesbian magazine created several years ago and distributed in PDF format.

A brief lexicon of transsexuality and an overview of the transsexual Culture complement the thematic part of the first issue of El Shad ‘ .

The second edition, to be published in February 2015, will focus on homosexual love. Not on fornication and somersaults but the feeling of brands, affection and tenderness.
This number will speak in both French and Arabic, to be accessible to the greatest number.

Congratulations to our new colleagues and good luck to them!

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Nov 122014

(Blogmensgo, gay blog on 12 November 2014) The 6th Court of Appeals affirmed, November 6, 2014, the legality of a ban on gay marriage in Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee. The first sixteen months, but by only two votes against one.

The appeal court had been asked by the Ministry of Health (which gives marriage licenses) of Ohio, and by the Governors Steve Beshear of Kentucky, Richard Snyder of Michigan and Bill Haslam of Tennessee. All four were rejected at first instance in their attempt to pretend that banning gay marriage is unconstitutional.

The judges Deborah L. Cook and Jeffrey S. Sutton (appointed by George W. Bush), through opinion written by Sutton several dozen pages, reversed the trial judgements main reason is the democratic institution and not to the judiciary as it is for them to determine whether the marriage between persons of the same sex should be considered or not in accordance with law and the Constitution. Martha Craig Daughtrey (appointed by Bill Clinton) quipped the decision of his colleagues. She says federal judges are essential to protect the constitutional rights of the minority.

“When the courts will not let the people solve new societal issues like that, they perpetuate the idea that the heroes of these great changes are judges and lawyers. ” Judge Jeffrey S. Sutton

This is the first time a federal appeals court rules against gay marriage for over a year. After the Supreme Court had partially invalidated the federal Marriage Act, no federal court had recognized as the legitimate arguments of the opponents of gay marriage.

Quadruple case is still subject to appeal before the 6 th Court of Appeals , but in plenary and not limited training. A direct appeal to the Supreme Court now seems more likely in the eyes of some observers.

For an analysis of the various legal options detailed scenarios, we read with profit the blog of the Federal Supreme Court.

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(via all the American press on 6 and 7 November 2014, the Washington Post )

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Nov 092014

(Blogmensgo, gay blog 30 October 2014) “I am proud to be gay and I consider being gay as one of the greatest gifts that God has given ​​me. “It is in these terms that Tim Cook, Apple’s boss since 2011, made ​​his coming out two days before his fifty-fourth birthday.

Below, an analysis by Bloomberg Businessweek how Tim Cook made his homosexuality public. The Board of Directors of Apple has been informed and fully supported the decision by Tim Cook.

Apple’s CEO came out of the closet by signing a forum October 30, 2014 in Businessweek. By selecting this American business weekly, Tim Cook speaks both as gay and as Apple CEO.

His homosexuality was an open secret. “Many colleagues at Apple know that I’m gay, and it seems to make no difference in the way they treat me. “But he did not deny his sexual orientation, he had never publicly acknowledged.

So why come out of the closet and why did you do now? Because the need to do useful work for the community prevails today on the desire to preserve his privacy, recognizes Tim Cook. This fierce determination to preserve even had “prevented from doing something more important” than life in a closet.

Tim Cook admits he has “benefited from the sacrifice of others” to become what it is today, even if being gay was not always easy to bear. He now wants to offer what others have given him.
“So if the fact to hear that the Apple boss is gay can help someone to accept or comfort someone who feels isolated or inspire people to assert their equality, then it is well worth a small arrangement with my own privacy. ”

Tim Cook speaks persistent cases of discrimination based on sexual orientation “in a majority of states.” Discrimination in employment, housing, administrative or inheritance rights.

He writes of a more implicit than explicit: it is against all such discrimination and prejudice he will stand. Tim Cook is not only out of the closet, but it became at the same time a gay activist.

Comment: The hardest thing for Tim Cook will be the choice of the Gay Pride … where – hopefully – it will scroll to the first time.

The natural choice would be San Francisco, not far from Apple’s headquarters.
In native of Alabama, a Gay Pride in the Deep South – where homophobia is still alive despite recent advances – would be a more militant choice.

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(via all the press October 30, 2014)

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