Aug 252015

(Blogmensgo, blog Gay of August 26, 2015) Some 290,000 people attended, August 16, 2015, the Montreal Gay Pride. A record crowd after a week LGBT placed under the double sign of good weather – in the second part of the week – and a rainbow sky of course.

Below an unreported youtube video from the event:

This is the ninth time the “Montreal Pride Parade 2015″, official name of the LGBT parade Gay Pride or  Montreal, Quebec’s metropolis put in all its festive statements. Despite a major partner – Viagra – the blue, the event had the slogan “Our flag, our energy: yellow.”
The yellow color symbolizes “the sun, energy and light.” Luckily, the three ingredients were conspicuously present at the parade.

The 2015 edition has seen parading 3,200 people divided into 127 “quotas” official (groups or festive vehicles), well above the 72 contingents Montreal shook his torpor straight five years ago.   After the parade, 51,000 people participated in a dance concert. And yesterday, 90,000 people had taken part in a “community day” LGBT.

Never has the public had come as many, according to organizers, both for the LGBT week for the actual show. No fewer than 500,595 people – official estimate cumulative figures – have participated in this week not like the others.

Beyond the festive aspect of the protest, organisers now insist on direct tourism benefits of such events.

We will not mention the Quebec headliners, whose fame rarely exceeds the perimeter of the Belle Province.
Note, however, that the co-chair of the 2015 edition was entrusted to Anna Sharyhina, director of the Gay Pride Ukraine (Kiev the KyivPride 2015 have suffered homophobic violence) and Candis Cayne, artist and performer trans étatsunienne.

The message was therefore both clear and twofold solidarity with the oppressed LGBT people abroad and in reminder that LGBT ago as T trans.
We take this opportunity, once will not hurt, to address a warm hello – but not scorching – specifically to people of TQI LGBTQI acronym.

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Philca & Matt / MensGo
(via any of the Quebec press 16 August 2015, including the Journal de Montreal and24 Hours Montreal)

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Aug 252015

(Blogmensgo, blog Gay of August 25, 2015) Gays and lesbians who are legally married to a person of the same sex may have the right to social security as a wife or husband, even if the State of residence does not authorize gay marriage before the Supreme Court of 26 June 2015 on gay marriage. This measure, announced on August 20, 2015 by the US government, will have a retroactive effect.

The date and the exact modalities of implementation of this measure remain unclear. The federal government, however, encourages those who believe to be entitled to submit their application for benefits now.
The Ministry of Justice indicated that for married couples, the benefit of Social Security and its services is a constitutional right which, since the judgment of 26 June, also applies to lesbian and gay couples. Pensions, widowhood, etc., specific to married persons must therefore be paid irrespective of the State where the potential recipients reside.
So far, the federal services of Social Security check the residence to determine if a married gay couple could claim the same conditions as a heterosexual married couples. If the couple – or beneficiary – lived in one of 11 states that do not recognize same-sex unions before the judgment of 26 June, when the marriage was deemed never to have occurred, at least in terms of social Security benefits.
The new federal doctrine follows a dual complaint. A widow of 63 years, Kathy Murphy, had not been entitled to a survivor’s pension after the death of his wife. A widower of 57, Dave Williams, was unable to obtain either a survivor’s pension or reimbursement of social benefits due to her late husband.
Both complainants reside in states – Texas and Arkansas – where while gay marriage was deemed worthless and their respective spouses died before 26 June 2015. The two cases, introduced in 2014, were defended by a specialized LGBT association, Lambda Legal.
In early August 2015, the Federal Judge Orlando Garcia also ordered the Texas Department of Health to put its administrative documents in accordance with the legalisation of gay marriage, no later than August 24, 2015.
Relevant documents include birth certificates and death. The boxes for the second parent or same-sex spouse were previously left blank. The Texan administration explains the non-compliance of civil status documents by problems with a software provider.
The Texas authorities do not indicate whether the problem was resolved before the deadline of 24 August.
This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo
(via The Columbus Dispatch of August 24, 2015)

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Aug 122015

(Blogmensgo, gay blog from 12th August 2015) A bill to endorse the legalization of gay marriage will be presented to both chambers of the Irish Parliament (Oireachtas) at the next session which begins September 22, 2015. The announcement of the Government following the rejection by the Court of Appeal, July 30, two motions to invalidate the referendum of May 22, 2015.

In the corridors of the Law Society of Ireland. © Michael Foley (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0).

In the corridors of the Law Society of Ireland. © Michael Foley (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0).

If the May referendum which has legalized marriage between same sex couples, the result could be challenged in court. What was done separately an electrician and a gardener – which one does not include the names to preserve the LGBT flavor of these last lines before the summer holidays. 
The three judges of the Court of Appeal rejected them into believing that they had produced no tangible evidence likely to challenge the referendum. The plaintiffs claimed that the election results had been skewed by a one-way communication campaign. They were sentenced to costs.
The electrician and the gardener can still appeal to the Supreme Court, but only on points of law. In other words, the form and not substance. An appeal to the Supreme Court is not suspensive, unlike the appeal court of appeal.
Future Marriage 2015 law stipulates that this sacrament unites two people, regardless of their sex. The same text also amends the 2004 law on registers of civil status and the regulations applicable to the change of status of spouses (PACS to marriage). Once adopted, the text of the new law as a basis to 34 th amendment of the Irish Constitution.
All parties represented in Parliament are in favor of gay marriage, the vote of the bill will be a mere formality. Ditto for ratification by President Michael D. Higgins.

Only after the final transposition of the referendum in the law and the Constitution that the first gays and lesbians marriages can be celebrated in Ireland. Is in principle end in 2015, but more likely early in 2016.

Comment. As expected, the three judges passed for applicants the sacred by simpletons understand how the electrician and gardener ignore constitutional law.

I think, however strong the victims of the recent attack on the occasion of the Gay Pride in Jerusalem.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo
(via Irish Times)

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