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The football club Liverpool fight (somewhat) against homophobia

[caption id="attachment_2021" align="alignleft" width="300"] now this asshole Luis Suarez should not be called asshole. © Liverpoolfc.com[/caption] (Blogmensgo, August 15, 2013) The leaders of English football club Liverpool launched in late July 2013, a crusade against discrimination in general, particularly homophobic. In the field, but also in the stands and in the locker room. With the intention of…
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General homophobia in French football

Blogmensgo, May 2, 2013) The researcher and sports psychologist Anthony Mette unveiled April 30, 2013, the analysis of homophobia in professional football he coordinated on behalf of Paris Foot Gay (the club 10 years this year) and with the financial support of Randstad (available here , password foot ). Paris Foot Gay: website (unavailable) | Facebook page Players who "declared hostile thoughts toward homosexuals"…
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Antonio Cassano and small mindedness in Football

(Blogmensgo, June 21, 2012) Two gay players will be part of the Italian football team at Euro 2012. "That's their problem”. “I hope there's no one in the national team" Was the response of Antonio Cassano, when asked about the rumor in a press conference. The striker has apologized, almost immediately through a press release,…
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