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Chiba (Japan): Municipal Civil Union for Homo- and Heterosexuals

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of February 4, 2019) Toshihito Kumagai, mayor of the Japanese city of Chiba, issued the first “partnership certificates” for six unmarried couples on January 29, 2019. Chiba is the first Japanese city government to offer a registered partnership for both homosexual and heterosexual couples. Actually, the registered partnership in Chiba was supposed…
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Austria: Gay marriage finally legalized in 2019

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of January 6, 2019) Nicole Kopaunik and Daniela Paier will go down in history as the first second same-sex couple to marry in Austria. The registered partnership has existed since 2010, but it has not been very popular. The two women married on January 1st, 2019, just five minutes after the beginning…
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German Bundestag Allows Third Sex, but with Conditions

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of December 23, 2018) On December 13, 2018, the German Bundestag passed a law that allows any person to require the use of the terms “male”, “female” or “diverse” in birth certificates and other official documents. The bill followed a decision of the Federal Constitutional Court of 10 October 2017 (published on…
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