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MensGo is both a private company operating under Swiss law and a European trademark registered in Portugal.

MensGo.com is a gay social network and a gay dating site with a multinational proximity. Current and upcoming developement in six languages: French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. MensGo will be gradually deployed across all six language areas.

BlogMensGo is published by MensGo.com.


MensGo & BlogMensGo

PO Box 7316

CH-1002 Lausanne


Fax +41 (0) 2 16 61 22 55

Email (antispam wording): admin (at) mensgo (dot) com


Publication Director: Claude-André Quennoz

admin (at) mensgo (dot) com


Editor: Frank-S

frank-s (at) blogmensgo (dot) com


MensGo is a trademark registered by the "Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial" (INPI) of Portugal, and referenced as entry #410,784 (January 26, 2006).


How to write articles or comments on this blog?

To comment on an article, just go to the bottom of each article, fill in the boxes, type and validate your comment.

  • Comments must be written in English;
  • they must not contain more than one URL;
  • the username must be a person’s name or pseudonym;
  • the username must not be a company name or product name.

Any comment that does not follow those simple rules will be flagged as spam.

To submit an article of your own to the editor of BlogMensGo, either email in English to frank-s (at) blogmensgo (dot) com or in French to blogmensgo (at) gmail (dot) com


MensGo - What is it?

MensGo is a wider community, a place where people of any affiliation or background can find an ambience, and of course, where they feel welcome to share their secrets, their experiences, and even skills.

A place where one feels at ease in a friendly atmosphere and where there are elements (relations, products and services) that affect their lifestyle...

We want to live a time when tolerance is synonymous with recognition and acceptance.



“Whoever, on the basis of sexual orientation, is deprived of his liberty, prosecution or punishment or torture must be recognized as a prisoner of conscience.”

Amnesty International


Last revised: October 24, 2015

Translated to English: February 28, 2012


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