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About 1 percent of same-sex households in the USA

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of November 30, 2019) According to current US population statistics for 2019, the US Census Bureau estimates that there are about 1.012 million households in the United States with same-sex couples, married or not. In addition, 191,000 children live with two fathers or two mothers. The statistics are still incomplete, but the forthcoming 2020 census will provide more accurate figures on LGBT households.

46% of American gay couples are not married

In the United States, according to census estimates, 543,000 same-sex married couples (compared with 61.4 million unmarried couples) live under one roof. 469.000 same-sex and 8 million heterosexual unmarried couples live together.

In 54% of same-sex households, the partners are married.

The marriage rate for same-sex couples has fallen by 6 points in 2 years – for fear of discrimination?

This means that about 1% of American households belong to the LGBT community and 46% of American same-sex households are unmarried, while 11% of heterosexual couples are unmarried
(In 2017, there were a total of 935,229 gay households in the United States, including 555,492 married couples, or nearly 60%, compared to 54% today. A drop of six points in two years is a lot. The US Census Bureau provides no explanation for the decline in the marriage rate in gay households.)

Actual figures are likely to be higher and therefore undermine the weight of the LGBT population due to methodological bias (see below)

In any case, 2019 is the first year in which the federal census included a question on relations between household members that included a homosexual option. This is also the first time that questions were asked about parents with neutral wording, i.e. the possibility of two fathers or two mothers.

The 2020 census will explicitly ask questions about the relationships between couples, whether they are gay or heterosexual.

Distortions and limitations

Despite the recent and relative improvement in their relevance, census questionnaires are still very good.

The US Census Bureau does not count single households as gay. But as the number of singles in the United States increases (36.5 million singles make up 28% of the total number of American households, compared to 13% in 1960), it is likely that a significant proportion of these single households are LGBT. Agencies in some States have also found that up to 40% of homeless young people call themselves LGBTQ.

The census counts homosexual couples not as an LGBT family if they do not live under one roof. Similarly, bisexual people are systematically classified as heterosexual if they live with a person of the opposite sex. For this reason, the big census of 2020 is supposed to include a question on the sexual orientation of respondents.

Conceptual misunderstandings among the interviewees and respondents are very likely as well. The changed methodology also makes a comparison difficult. The questionnaires carried out in 2019 reflect a new methodological orientation adopted in 2015, i.e. before Donald Trump took office. Since then, he has constantly encouraged the authorities to play down the presence of the LGBT community in the United States.

The less correctly a population is assessed, the less its needs can be determined and the less federal funds are spent on it. The (false) census has a similar effect as discrimination and the whole population will suffer more or less on the long run.

3% gay households in San Francisco

The US Census Bureau will publish statistics on homosexual households in selected cities in the United States in December 2019. The Federal Agency now reports that the ranking is dominated by the Californian city of San Francisco, where same-sex couples account for 3% of households.

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