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Renault Clio: Anniversary under the LGBT rainbow

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of 15 November 2019) Renault launched the Clio V in 2019 and is taking the opportunity to celebrate the almost 30-year history of its flagship, initially launched in 1990. At least two current commercials would probably not have been possible in 1990: One with an implied and one with a very clear LGBT reference.

Renault France: Rather discreet

On YouTube you can see the new ads from Renault France for the new Clio, but they are rather straight. Not badly produced, but also without special novelty or creativity. Three clips with players from Paris Saint-Germain (Idrissa Gueye, Kylian Mbappé and Thomas Meunier), three ambassadors of a sport known for its homophobic atmosphere. The only clip that is different is an innovative scenario with LGBT-friendly connotation – friendly or even a little activist.

This French clip does not really shine with its title, enjoy the moment, which is rather banal.

It all begins with two car seats that fly in the sky and whose occupants change according to the scene. First there are two women, one black and one white, whose intimacy is suggested by a rainbow reflection on the building next door. Then there are a father and a daughter, then two men (maybe friends or partners) and at the end a man and a woman.

All these beautiful people on the flying seats end up… in a Renault Clio, of course. In the last scene, however, we only see the straight couple. All in all, LGBT-friendly, but not very openly either.

Renault UK: Hollywood rainbows in the ad campaign

Renault UK, on the other hand, is celebrating the launch of the new Clio and the 30th anniversary of the series with a clip with rather clear references. Here is the clip:

Here, too, the original part is not the title of the clip 30 Years in the Making | The All-New Renault Clio, but rather a story of three decades that is summarized in two minutes.

This clip shows only positive elements due to its brevity: Beautiful pictures, beautiful scenario, beautiful interpretation and beautiful actresses. The story shows various Clio models in the course of time, but above all the transformation of a children’s friendship into youthful love and finally into a productive coexistence in adulthood.

Many short scenes take place in, on or not far from a Clio. The two characters are a red-haired English girl (or woman) and a brunette French girl (and woman later on). At first, they are children, then teenagers and finally adults.

In puberty they kiss each other on the mouth for the first time – in a Renault Clio of course. The young Frenchwoman sends a letter to her English friend whose father scolds the girl, probably after reading the letter. The following photo shows the Englishwoman at the wedding of the Frenchwoman, who, on her wedding day itself, seems rather unsure and unhappy to have married a man. She divorces later and goes back to the woman of her life.

After emotional hugs and kisses, we see the two women driving in a Clio, with the back seat occupied by a red-haired child. In front of one woman’s parents’ house the three are greeted in a very friendly way and all go into the house, while the red-haired mother closes this beautiful story by anticipating the birth of a second girl (brunette) and smiling about it.

The slogan of Renault UK is quite a good match: Passion for Life. I don't think there's a better way to put this.

Does Renault not dare to show such a clip in its own country of origin, France?

Sprite: LGBT glitter in their ad campaign in Argentina

Can advertising be even more LGBT-friendly than Renault UK's? Answer: Yes, the one by Sprite in Argentina or Peru.

The 28th Gay Pride of Buenos Aires (or Marcha del Orgullo in Spanish) took to the streets of the Argentine capital on November 2, 2019. And the day before, the Sprite brand conquered the screens with a commercial dedicated to the preparation of the event. The Coca-Cola Group subsidiary has remained true to its image of LGBT friendliness and the promotion of family values, but in a clear LGBT context, with the song „You'll Never Walk Alone“ in the background, an anthem of love and diversity written and composed by the mythical duo Rodgers and Hammerstein and popularised by fans of the Liverpool football club among others.

The kind of feel-good video we like to watch and listen to over and over again…

The clip is summarized by its final slogan:

Pride is what you feel when someone you love decides to be free – you're not alone.
And right now, the people we love are going on the Gay Pride march.

Who are these people? In the video, we see some of them with loving eyes: a father dropping off his son and boyfriend near the parade, a mother putting on make-up on her son, a grandmother helping her grandson put on his drag queen outfit. (By the way: Estanislao Fernández, son of the new Argentine president Alberto Fernández, is quite well known as Drag Queen and is also the pride of his father), small children who give their two mothers a rainbow heart.

The last picture shows a couple together under the rainbow heart flag, at the parade, next to the other rainbow flags. You can see the joy of being in love. Only on this last and strong picture Sprite decided to show his logo.

And what did the Gay Pride (CSD) of Buenos Aires really look like when it was so beautifully prepared? Here:

Impressive, isn't it?
In July 2019, but this time in Peru, the local subsidiary of the Coca-Cola Group published a limited edition of Sprite to welcome the Gay Pride of Lima. Here is a little insight:

… with nice gimmicks like tracksuits, bags, etc. that are almost as beautiful as the wonderful MensGo fans before.

Frank-S / MensGo

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