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First Gay Marriages in Ecuador

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of 31 July 2019) Since 18 July 2019, same-sex marriage has been legal in Ecuador. On this day, Alexandra Chávez and Michelle Avilés were married as the first lesbian couple in Ecuador. A week later, on 25 July, Giovanni Vareles and Boris Álvarez were married as the first gay couple in Ecuador. And all this thanks to the decision of the Constitutional Court of Ecuador of 12 June 2019, which we have already discussed here.

Alexandra Chávez and Michelle Avilés exchanges vows in Guayaquil, the economic lung of Ecuador and second largest city of the country. Their wedding took place after the official Gay Pride Day, which had brought the city center of Guayaquil into party mood on July 17th. Esther Sánchez, the registrar in charge, conducted the wedding ceremony in a small group, but in the presence of numerous microphones and press cameras. Below is an AFP report in Spanish on this historic wedding for the Ecuadorian and international LGBT community:

Here is another report in its original language, but with subtitled comments. We learn here that the wedding costs 50 US dollars or 45 euros. If the marriage is concluded outside the registry office, it costs five times as much…

Giovanni Vareles (29) and Boris Álvarez also married in Guayaquil, but only on 25 July.

The first homosexual marriages in the capital Quito will not take place until August 5, 2019. The first same-sex couple in Quito will be Pamela Troya and Gabriela Correa, who have been trying in vain to marry in Ecuador since 2013. The two women were the first to receive the marriage license from the Quito registry office on 10 July.

The Matrimonio Homosexual Ecuador website lists 71 homosexual couples who have wanted to marry in Ecuador since 25 July 2019, six of whom had already arranged an appointment with the registry office.

A slightly different situation concerns the 495 LGBT couples living in a registered partnership. If such couples want to marry, they must first dissolve their partnership. This can take up to six months and costs almost 200 dollars (180 euros). And this seems all the more absurd if the dissolution of a de-facto partnership precedes the marriage of the same two persons and it would therefore be sufficient to transform the de facto community into a same-sex marriage.

Gay and lesbian weddings in Ecuador were made possible by the publication of the two decisions of the Constitutional Court of 12 June in the Official Gazette (8 July), which makes the two texts legally binding.

Frank-S / MensGo

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