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Increase in Same-sex Weddings in Tasmania

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of June 9, 2019) Of the 2569 weddings in Tasmania in 2018, 139 were same-sex weddings, corresponding to about 5.4%. The movement is taking up speed: Tasmania had already registered 51 homosexual weddings in the first quarter of 2019. Around 2274 heterosexual couples got married in Tasmania in 2017, and the first same-sex weddings in Australia were only celebrated on January 9, 2018 (without exceptional marriages).

Statistics on gay marriage in Tasmania

The increase of almost 13% in the total number of weddings in Tasmania is largely due to the dynamics of same-sex weddings, as the above figures show. This trend could increase in 2019, based on the statistics on gay marriage in the first quarter.

TasPride Festival

Gay Pride Parades in Tasmania (archive picture). 😉 ©taspride.com

It should also be noted that the number of commemorative wedding certificates increased from 1197 in 2017 to 1231 in 2018. However, official statistics do not provide a breakdown by type of marital status (birth, marriage, etc.) or by sexual orientation of the couples.

In Tasmania, lesbians marry almost twice as much as gays, with 94 lesbian weddings compared to 45 gay weddings in 2018 and 33 compared to 18 in the first quarter of 2019.

The legalization of gay marriage has not completely replaced the registered partnership – quite to the contrary: These even rose from 150 in 2017 to 206 in 2018, an increase of about 37%.

LGBT-friendly Tasmania

The statistics on gay marriage in Tasmania do not provide any information on weddings by foreign persons, i.e. people who do not come from Tasmania or Australia. In any case, the tourism industry in Tasmania is trying to win LGBT customers.

Since 2018, the Tourism Industry Council Tasmania (TICT) has offered a free “rainbow stamp” Rainbow Tasmania Tourism Accreditation for businesses that are particularly LGBT-friendly.

Rainbow Tasmania, an association of several LGBTQI organizations on the island, organizes breakfast and social parties through its monthly Spectrum events. So you can get to know a community, an island and a country very well, if you plan it in advance.

TasPride, a Pride celebration in the Southern Hemisphere

When it is summer in Tasmania, it is winter in Europe. The ideal time for a visit to Australia is therefore January, when the TasPride (the Tasmanian Gay Pride) also takes place (the list of events can be found in the MensGo event calendar).

Here is a report about the TasPride Parade:


This is a wedding blog with a special edition on weddings in Tasmania. The article is mainly dedicated to heterosexual marriage but you can see beautiful photos, landscapes and ideas that are suitable for everyone. A small part is also dedicated to gay weddings, but mainly in Australia and New Zealand. All articles show many beautiful photos and make appetite for more.

So, have good trip and congratulations to all wedding couples.

Frank-S / MensGo

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