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Yess, an Australian App for Finding Gay-friendly Service Providers

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of April 13, 2019) On March 30, 2019, Jill Burgess married her partner Kim, with whom she has been living in a relationship for 21 years. She prepared this event using the iOS and Android app Yess, which she had designed herself: Yess lists all vendors who enjoy working with the LGBTQIA community and is very useful for finding vendors who work without discrimination. Unfortunately Yess is only available in Australia – at least for the time being it is still Noo in other places…

Jill Burgess

Jill Burgess wrote the Yess app to put her own wedding at the service of the LGBT community. ©getyess.com

Yess stands for Yes services and lists providers who say yes without discrimination. The app can be used free of charge on smartphones or tablets. On April 8, 2019, there were already 80 vendors who want to work with the LGBTQIA community – but only in Australia, where the app has just been officially launched. Currently, the vendors are mainly located in the Central Coast region in New South Wales, where Jill Burgess lives and just got married.

In concrete terms, the Yess app lists specialist companies in 22 professional sectors, ranging from confectioners, car rentals, florists, jewelers and innkeepers to providers of religious wedding ceremonies. You will find friendly professionals for almost anything, be it for a wedding or anniversary, a family dinner or cruise, financial advice or the use of artificial insemination.

Using the app is completely free for individuals. In return, merchants and suppliers pay something each time someone contacts them with inquiries or orders, according to these three criteria:

  1. Vendors pay an amount depending on the field of activity, e.g. $3 for dance classes or $10 for tourist services.
  2. A single bill per vendor and customer, regardless of how often a vendor works with the same person.
  3. No more than three suppliers from the same sector per urban area – first come, first served.

In order to avoid paying commissions when someone only asks for information or a price without concluding a deal later, suppliers are asked to provide as much information as possible on their site, such as prices, graphics, photos, videos, etc. The actual listing on the app is free of charge, and only the first customer contact is invoiced.

Joe said Yess!

As a gay-friendly provider, Joe says Yess! ©getyess.com

It is completely free of charge for customers to register and use the app as well as get in contact with vendors. However, registration has to be validated to avoid abuse and pranksters.

The founder of Yess believes in the growth of her app. It uses social networks (especially Facebook and Instagram), but also relies on the customer reviews integrated into the app.

Comment Yess currently has only 80 service providers across Australia, so the app is still in its infancy and the number of people who have downloaded or used it is unknown. Therefore, it is not yet possible to draw any conclusions about the future success of this app.

We like the idea of a white list of community-friendly providers in interactive form. Basically, it is much more positive to appreciate the work of a gay-friendly professional service provider than to fight against an openly homophobic provider in court. In the end, the battle for equal rights will also be fought in the economic and trade sectors.

Frank-S / MensGo

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