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German-speaking Swiss TV Broadcasts a Gay Wedding Proposal

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of April 6, 2019) Sven Epiney proposed marriage to his partner Michael Graber on March 31st, 2019 during the live broadcast of “Darf ich bitten?” on SRF 1, the first public television station in German-speaking Switzerland. Michael said yes, and the vast majority of German-speaking social networks welcomed this very unusual approach, at least in Switzerland.

Sven Epiney (47) and Michael Graber (26) have been living together for eight years. The public has known this for a long time, because the two lovebirds like to put themselves in the limelight, for example in Schweizer Illustrierten at the end of 2014. Sven has been a very popular presenter in Switzerland for three decades. However, he made the wedding proposal during the program “Darf ich bitten?”, the Swiss counterpart to “Dancing with the Stars” in the USA and “Let’s Dance” in Germany.

After dancing with Michael in front of the millions of Swiss who sat in front of their TV that night, Sven asked Michael live and in German to marry him, and Michael said yes.

If the video does not run properly here, you can see the entire finale of the show on this page. From 1:39:30, Sven first dances with a woman and then with Michael. The proposal starts at 1:46:39.

The audience in the room, the presenter Sandra Studer, the jury and everyone else warmly welcomed this very special performance. Sven Epiney may not have won the dance competition, but he has won the love of his life.

It may come as a surprise that Sven proposed marriage to his partner in Switzerland, although same-sex marriage is not yet legal there. However, both the coming out and the public acceptance of gays and lesbians have become much more common in German-speaking Switzerland than in the French-speaking part. This is probably due to the demographic distribution, because there are more large cities in the German-speaking eastern part of Switzerland where people can live their homosexuality almost anonymously.

Sven Epiney

Will Sven Epiney’s wedding be broadcast live on Swiss TV? ©svenepiney.ch

It seems that Sven Epiney's proposal was highly praised in the social networks and also seen as a sign of activism. Of course, there were some grumpy and homophobic comments as well, but proportionally they were very few.

Congratulations to the future bridal couple. We hope that they will very soon be able to get married “properly” in their own country, Switzerland, without having to go through Germany or France.

Frank-S / MensGo

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