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Lesbian Valentine’s Day in India With the Song “Lingering Wine”

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of February 15, 2019) On February 12, Pragya Pallavi released her album Queerism – just two days before Valentine’s Day and less than two weeks after the film Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga. The first single from the album is called “Lingering Wine” and sets lyrics by queer artist Deepa Vasudevan to music. This is the first Indian album with an LGBTQI theme and the first large-scale Indian single to talk about love between women.

To get an idea of the content, here is the official clip:

In elegant black and white pictures, we see Pragya Pallavi and the actress Kani Kusruti with tender caresses and then a kiss on the mouth – even twice: The camera films both the two kissing women and their mirror image.

The texts are completely in English, although Pragya Pallavi comes from Kerala and her mother tongue is Malayalam. These texts are in line with the image in which the singer repeatedly tells her darling that “sweet sweet kisses / remain in her mouth like wine” (Sweet sweet kisses / Linger like wine).

On her Facebook page, Pragya Pallavi describes herself as follows:

She does not like to be closeted in any way, whether it is about her music genre or about her sexuality.

Even though she speaks of herself as a woman, Pragya Pallavi defines herself as gender-fluid, i.e. without a specific gender identity. She doesn’t have a page on Wikipedia yet, but her song is already listed by all online music providers she mentions on the official clip page, as well as by Deezer.

A second single dedicated to the women’s emancipation will be released on International Women’s Day on 8 March 2019. The album, whose release date has not yet been set, will consist of nine songs.

Comment: Pragya Pallavi has a very beautiful voice and cosmopolitan musical influences. Too bad she and her partner aren’t such good actresses: Bad dubbing, ridiculous facial expressions. The good cinematic quality of the clip is underlined by a somewhat sluggish and rather unspectacular melody. The quality of the lyrics should be emphasized, with a rather interesting metaphor (analogy between a timid kiss and a good wine) from beginning to end.

A nice reference for Valentine's Day, even though it is mostly commercial.

Frank-S / MensGo

2 thoughts on “Lesbian Valentine’s Day in India With the Song “Lingering Wine”

  1. Hello I watched the music video for Lingering Wine , and it is really sad that you think that the video is not good , We think it is a beautiful music video and beautiful song. It is very indie style video. We loved it. Sensual Same Sex Love Video!
    Pragya , we want more! With love

    1. [from Philca. The video and the singer’s voice are very good, and the song is pretty good, too. However, some components of the interpretation were not quite as good, due to a tendancy to overact rather than act.]

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