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Têtu to Be Issued on Paper Again and Launching a Crowdfunding Campaign

(Blogmensgo, gay blog October 1st, 2018) Romain Burrel, editor-in-chief of Têtu, has announced that the well-known French gay magazine will be back in print in November 2018. This had already been announced by the buyers when they took over the Têtu brand and website in May 2018. In the meantime, the tetu.com website has been given a new look, and the new operators want to carry out a “support campaign” from 1 October to 11 November 2018.

Têtu launches crowdfunding campaign

In this YouTube video Romain Burrel says that the publisher Têtu Ventures will launch a financing campaign on the crowdfunding platform Ulule:

The campaign on Ulule has two main objectives:

  • Subscription promises for the “website, the magazine and all related events”.
  • “Guarantee of a future for Têtu”

Yagg had already raised 40,995 EUR for its subscription plans through Ulule in March 2015, but Yagg's publisher went bankrupt on 25 October.

Although the new crowdfunding campaign is similar, it does not consist of donations but is based on the principle of bartering: investors receive access to goods and services in return for their deposit.

Unfortunately, the editor-in-chief did not give any details about the new plans for the website, the editorial policy, the regularity of the print edition, etc.
The reason for choosing crowdfunding instead of conventional funding is likely to be that both Têtu and Yagg mainly represent social and political interests, albeit with a commercial share.

The tetu.com website has recently been relaunched with a new graphic appearance, aimed primarily at users with smartphones.

The browser does not yet display a favicon (the mini-symbol on the tabs) – maybe because a new logo is in preparation?

Romain Burrel has stated that his team will publish a link to the Têtu campaign on Ulule from Monday 1 October. We will report on this here and hope that the crowdfunding campaign of the Têtu Group will allow a successful and lasting presence.

Têtu reaches 50% of its goal in just two days

The management of the Têtu Group presented its first fundraising on the Ulule platform on October 1st, 2018. According to the latest information, “472 purchase commitments from a target of 1,000” were already made in two days, i.e. almost half of the target.

The total expected sales for the 1,000 purchase commitments are not stated. The two highest contributions bring in a total of 15,000 euros. The other 998 commitments are probably between €10 and €1,500, but the distribution key depends on the goodwill and financial health of the payers.

The recently revised website Tetu.com   “will from November [2018] offer a section with exclusive content that will only be accessible to active supporters of TÊTU”, says the presentation of the group’s objectives on the Ulule platform. The nature, scope and periodicity of these “exclusive contents” are not specified.

The website https://tetu.com/ is now “ready to offer an editorial production with videos, podcasts, studies and surveys, articles, interviews, etc.,” as they are pointin out.

So it is likely that the site will offer basic content free of charge, while other parts will only be available to paying subscribers. We do not yet know exactly what this will look like.

The only editorial component that has been clearly announced is a “brand new 180-page quarterly magazine”. In other words, the rebirth of the very symbolic Têtu magazine, which used to be published monthly and was last published only every two months. It is not known whether the phoenix of the gay press will also offer the magazine as a subscription or in PDF format.

In any case, the magazine will be inaugurated at a launch party, the date of which is not yet known.

The presentation on Ulule also mentions “our future Têtu events,” but without giving details of these events.

Frank-S / MensGo

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