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Enrique Doleschy (Germany) is elected new Mister Gay Europe 2018

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of August 19, 2018) 30-year-old Enrique Doleschy from Germany won the title of Mister Gay Europe 2018 on August 11, 2018 in the Polish town of Poznań before nine competitors and succeeds to the British Matt Rood. For the first time this year, the Dane Niels Jansen was a trans-man among the finalists.

Enrique Doleschy (Germany) succeeds to Matt Rood (UK)

Twelve years after his compatriot Jackson Netto, another German was elected Mister Gay Europe 2018. In addition to the first place in the overall ranking, Enrique Doleschy also won in the two categories that attest to the highest popularity, namely “Social Media” and “Online Vote”.

Enrique Doleschy is a true European: He is trilingual (German, English, Russian), holds a German passport, is of German-Czech origin and bears a Spanish first name. The handsome winner is 1.82m tall and likes to travel – all over Europe.

Enrique Doleschy

Always with a smile: Enrique Doleschy is the new Mister Gay Europe 2018. ©mistergayeurope.com

In addition to the very high rating of the Danish candidate (see below), Christopher Price from Wales (photo, sport), Karol Pacyna from Poland (Prize of the other candidates for congeniality) and Phillip Antony Dzwonkiewicz from England (project presentation) won the other categories.

Niels Jansen, the trans man from Denmark

Niels Jansen (aged 44) from Denmark came in second in the overall contest. He is the first trans man in the Mister Gay Europe finals.

Tore Aasheim, President of Mister Gay Europe, points out that Niels Jansen was honored above all for his qualities as a person and an activist because Mister Gay Europe is about more than beauty and great bodies.

Mr Gay Europe is not a beauty contest
(Tore Aasheim)

That’s how it is: Mister Gay Europe is not just a beauty contest. Niels Jansen won two of the eight competition categories: The oral interview (counting 20% of the overall competition) and the written examination. Niels is fluent in written and spoken English.

Niels Jansen holds a PhD in astrophysics from the University of Copenhagen and is now working as a software designer. He became known to the Danish public through his participation in two Amnesty International campaigns for the rights of trans people, one against forced castration before gender change, the other one against pathologization of transsexuals. Both were abolished in Denmark in 2014 and 2017, respectively.

Niels is now campaigning for full recognition of transsexual people by gays and is fighting against the three or even fourfold stigma that people like him suffer: He is transsexual, gay, HIV-positive and has a “very small penis”.

There are many ways to be a man, and there are many ways to have a male body, and all bodies are beautiful.
Niels Jansen

How does one win the oral interview? Here is a possible answer: Niels Jansen’s 90-second presentation is multi-faceted and well done, and that’s why he won in this category.

Relaxed elections in a not so relaxed Poland

Enrique Doleschy won his title on the day of Poznań Gay Pride. In Poznań, Catholic fundamentalism is very much alive, and the LGBT parade with only about 200 participants led to a counter-demonstration with strong religious elements and under the pretext of defending family values.

Polish director Krystian Lupa, who has lived with his partner and porn actor Piotr Skiba for four decades, sees homophobia on the rise in his country:

After forty years of living together we are afraid for the first time. As homosexuals, we know that our names could be deleted or blacklisted as artists considered critical of the new Polish patriotic Catholic culture.
(Krystian Lupa in Le Monde, August 11, 2018, p. 15)

Cologne to host Mister Gay Europe 2019

The next Mister Gay Europe election will take place in Cologne from 1 to 7 July 2019, one month earlier than usual. For this first visit to Germany, the organizers have deliberately chosen a date around Cologne Gay Pride.

German producer Patrick Dähmlow will oversee the Mister Gay Europe 2019 election. Tore Aasheim, President of Mister Gay Europe, points out that the 2019 edition will include at least one new competition to “make it clearer that we are not a beauty contest”.

There is no doubt that there will be a much warmer welcome in Cologne than it was in Poznań.

Frank-S / MensGo

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