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Têtu in Bankruptcy Again

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of April 14, 2018) The new editor of the French gay magazine Têtu and its website tetu.com went into bankruptcy again on February 22, 2018, as Hornet and the Swiss LGBT webzine 360° have reported. In 2013, Têtu had been sold to Jean-Jacques Augier for a symbolic euro, and the then IT service provider idyls.com had merged its own site with tetu.com. The first insolvency proceedings were then opened in July 2015.

The Têtu Group has been operated by Idyls Media since 2016. The co-founder of Idyls had relinquished his leading function on 5 July 2017 and left the Media Group.

Têtu press release

Unpleasant news on November 14, 2017. ©tetu.com

After the acquisition of Têtu in November 2015, the website went online again at the end of December 2015, and the printed magazine was reissued from February 2017 – but only every two months. After one year, however, only three issues had appeared.

In mid-November 2017, there was a fourth issue, but only digital, and the publication was accompanied by a strange press release.

Si 2016 était l’année de la renaissance pour TÊTU, 2018 doit être celle de la conquête dans un paysage médiatique français en pleine ébullition.
(After 2016 was the year of TÊTU’s re-emergence, 2018 must be the year of market conquest in a boiling French media landscape.
(Management of Têtu, November 14, 2017)

On the one hand there was the usual self-congratulation in the communication, but on the other hand there were also rather pessimistic phrases.

Digital marketing proved difficult, making the future of the restart questionable from the outset.

Today the website tetu.com is still online and shows the signature of the editor-in-chief Adrien Naselli from March 5, 2018.

Garçon magazine

Do paid gay magazines in paper format still have a future? Garçon Magazine seems to believe that. ©garcon-magazine.com

All that remains of the glorious glossy magazine today is the Têtu brand name, the tetu.com website and the magazine's archive.

At present it is not known whether there are takeover offers or serious prospective investors.

AFP, acquired by HuffPost, reports that Idyls Group was indebted by more than €230,000. The difference to the era of the former owner and billionaire Bergé is that he simply used to write off the losses of the magazine.

With Têtu, the French gay readership loses a true gay press icon that had followed the magazine Gai Pied at the time. Today, gay printed magazines are rare. Garçon Magazine, published every two months on paper and in PDF format since November 2015, also “realigned” itself in November 2017. The monthly magazine Hétéroclite has been issued since April 2006. Today, it is distributed free of charge, on paper and in PDF format.


Hétéroclite is supposed to remain free of charge. ©heteroclite.org

The two bankruptcies of Têtu naturally also reflect major upheavals in society and the readership: the legalization of homosexual marriage in many countries and the transition from print editions to digital formats. Is there still room today, in France and elsewhere, for paid LGBT magazines on paper? And as digital versions? The future will show.

Frank-S / MensGo

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