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Washington and California Are Particularly Popular with Same-sex Couples

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of March 15, 2018) According to a study published on February 28, 2018 by American interest group Tax Policy Center, homosexual couples on average are younger, better off, more urban and with fewer children than heterosexual couples. In 2015 however, according to tax statistics, the 250,450 same-sex couples accounted for only 0.48% of all married couples in the United States. The percentage of gay or lesbian couples in Washington, DC is four times higher than in other states. According to official tax statistics, California is the country with the highest percentage of married homosexual couples.

To illustrate the subject, and especially for our lesbian readers: Here is the song California Girls by the Beach Boys, with subtitled lyrics:

The Tax Policy Center study only considers tax returns for the years 2013 to 2015 and is based on estimates. In addition, the figures have been adjusted to correct influences of various kinds.

Since all married couples are treated equally for tax purposes in the United States, the most important LGBT regions can be located more or less precisely on the basis of income tax returns. Almost all married couples, whether homosexual or heterosexual, opted for a joint tax return for both spouses in 2015.
The number of tax returns filed jointly by married couples has almost doubled with the spreading of gay marriage in the United States between 2013 and 2015. In 2015, the 250,450 married homo couples represented 0.48% of all married couples. As a reminder, homosexual marriage was legalized in Massachusetts in 2004 already, and in the rest of the country only in June 2015.

Here is the song Kalifornische Mädchen, newly interpreted by Katy Perry and Snoop “Doggy” Dogg in 2010 (with German subtitles):

Where do LGBT populations mainly live? When analyzing couples' income tax returns, the Tax Policy Center found a clear trend towards more expensive areas – coastal or heavily urbanized areas.
The percentage of married homosexual couples of all married couples is given below, preceded by the absolute numbers:

  1. Washington, DC, 2,252 married LGBT couples (4.17 %)
  2. Massachusetts, 11,265 (0.99 %)
  3. Vermont, 1,184 (0.99 %)
  4. Washington, 11,159 (0.85 %)
  5. Delaware, 1,303 (0.85 %)
  6. California, 47,819 (0.80 %)
  7. Maine, 1,816 (0.74 %)
  8. Oregon, 5,126 (0.72 %)
  9. New Mexico, 2,141 (0.71 %)
  10. New York, 19,657 (0.68 %)

In line with the subject, here is the subtitled song “La Californie” by Julien Clerc:

And here are the states at the bottom of the list:

  1. Mississippi, 601 (0.15 %)
  2. South Dakota, 226 (0.14 %)
  3. North Dakota, 180 (0.13 %)

The figures published by the Tax Policy Center refer to urban areas and not just to the cities themselves. There is a clear dominance of the two coastal regions (West and East Coast), essentially California and New England.

Below is the list of American urban areas with the highest proportions of married same-sex couples (urban area, state, number and percentage of homosexual couples):

  1. San Francisco (California), 13,220 married LGBT couples (1.52 %)
  2. Santa Rosa (California), 1,416 (1.25 %)
  3. Seattle (Washington), 9,281 (1.09 %)
  4. Boston (Massachusetts), 9,458 (1.04 %)
  5. Portland (Oregon), 4,006 (0.97 %)
  6. Miami (Florida), 5,131 (0.92 %)
  7. Albuquerque (New Mexico), 1,248 (0.90 %)
  8. San Diego (California), 4,845 (0.88 %)
  9. New York City (New York), 13,892 (0.84 %)
  10. Portland (Maine), 1,111 (0.83 %)

Most married gay or lesbian couples live in New York and San Francisco – actually, twice as many in SF as in NY.

Jenny Durkan, the new mayor of Seattle, lives openly with her partner and the two children. Former mayor Ed Murray is also gay. This is probably the first case where an American city has had two consecutive LGBT mayors.

Several top rated cities, particularly Santa Rosa and Albuquerque, are known for their high proportion of gay-friendly retirement homes.

The places at the bottom of the ranking are as follows:

  1. Youngstown (Ohio), 194 married LGBT couples (0.15 %)
  2. Brownsville (Texas), 209 (0.14 %)
  3. Provo (Utah), 151 (0.13 %)

In fact, no city or state in the South or Midwest is at the top of the list.

It will be interesting to see if and how these statistics will change over time.

Frank-S / MensGo

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