Auckland Gay Pride 2018 in New Zealand: A Lesbian Wedding and the Prime Minister as a Special Guest

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Auckland Gay Pride 2018 in New Zealand: A Lesbian Wedding and the Prime Minister as a Special Guest

(Blogmensgo, gay blog February 21, 2018) While the first same-sex weddings were celebrated in Australia, the 6th Gay Pride in Auckland, New Zealand on January 17, 2018 was all about same-sex marriage as well. Some 25,000 people witnessed the first lesbian wedding ceremony on a float during the parade. The new prime minister of New Zealand, Ms Jacinda Ardern, participated in the parade along Ponsonby Road – where alcohol was banned during the event.

They met at the Gay Pride of Auckland three years ago: Sinéad O' Connell (25) and Victoria Envy (28) were officially and publicly married on one of the floats of the parade – an absolute novelty in the southern hemisphere.

Shortly before the start of the parade: Victoria and Sinéad, the two new New Zealand stars:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern had only announced her pregnancy in January and was now taking part in the parade with the smile of a future mother. The prime minister has made no secret of the fact that she will stand up for LGBT rights and a more inclusive New Zealand society.

Here is a short interview (with subtitles) with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern during the parade:

With generous support from local and national authorities, New Zealand Pride 2018 hosted around 80 events from February 2nd to 18, under the motto Rainbow Warriors: Pride and Peace.

The video of New Zealand television gives a very extensive impression of the great parade (about 2 hours):

Around 71 groups participated in the parade on the chic shopping street Ponsonby Road. In addition to the obligatory groups for LGBT rights and against HIV/AIDS, the only gay rugby team in New Zealand and a rainbow-colored police car were also present.

The following video shows parts of the parade of 2017, this time in better weather conditions:

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