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Gay Pride 2017 in Rio de Janeiro: More Militant and Aggressive as Ever Before

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of November 23, 2017) The 22nd Gay Pride parade in Rio de Janeiro was the first one that had to do without any municipal funding. That is why on November 19, there were only six floats in the parade towards the beach of Copacabana, compared to 12 the year before. On the other hand, the parade was more militant than before because the climate in Brazil had changed to the worse for the LGBT community over the past months.

The mayor of Rio, Marcelo Crivella, is homophobic and an active evangelic Christian. He had promised to stop funding the carnival and the Gay Pride parade because of too much nudity and too many gays. As a result, the organizers had about $100,000 less this year, which is about half of the previous budget. Thanks to a crowd-funding initiative and private donations, they were able to arrange a decent parade nevertheless.

Even with those municipal funds, the crowds flooded the Copacabana in the end to voice their political demands there. On the top of the list, banners and posters asked to completely eradicate any “conversion therapies.” In fact, the Brazilian justice had only recently refused to ban such pseudo-therapies although they are typically offered by people who, instead of offering real psychological help, mostly have their religious intentions and financial interests on their minds.

The following Euronews report shows that homophobia based on religious fanaticism claims many victims every year: 340 homophobic murders happened in Brazil only in 2016. (Original soundtrack in French.)

Dozens of artists participated in the parade, either on one of the floats or as a spectator.

This short video report by AFP (with English subtitles) sets off the alarm bells as well – and that is really for a good reason:


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