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Robbie Rogers: End of Active Football Career

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of November 9, 2017) Robbie Rogers, the former US football player, actively ended his career on November 7, 2017. He had ended his active career once before, right after coming out of the closed on February 23, 2013 – but he went back on the field and became a worldwide gay icon and an ambassador against homophobia in sports.

When Rogers came out, he was no longer playing in the US national team but in the English club Leeds United managed by the British businessman David Haigh who is gay himself and fights against homophobia in football.

Buch von Robbie Rogers

Robbie Rogers: Openly gay and already a legend today. ©Penguin

After his coming-out, Rogers signed a contract with LA Galaxy, part of the Major League Soccer in the US. In the following video, he explains how it feels to walk into a stadium with the crowds cheering:
In a posting on Instagram he does not regret having the courage to come out earlier:

In a posting on Instagram he does not regret having the courage to come out earlier:

My happiest years as a player are the ones where I could walk through the stadium at the end of games down the tunnel to my partner and son waiting for me at the other end. And my only regret in my eleven-year career are the years I spent in the closet.
Robbie Rogers, Ex-football player

The partner mentioned is Greg Berlanti, with whom Robbie Rogers has been engaged since December 31, 2016. The couple has a son called Caleb, received via surrogate motherhood.

Robbie Rogers is now one in a row of soccer player who have come out as gay – no matter whether before or after their active careers: The British Justin Fashanu, the German Thomas Hitzlsperger and the Swede Anton Hysén.

With his humanity and progressive attitude, Robbie Rogers leaves large footsteps in the world of football. Most likely, he will focus on his second passion and learned profession: As a manufacturer of men’s clothing.

Tweet by LA Galaxy

Tweet of LA Galaxy in honor of Robbie Rogers: A football icon.

Frank-S / MensGo

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