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Marriage for Everyone – finally!

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of October 3, 2017) On this past October 1st, 2017, former German representative Volker Beck (Green Party), who had fought for LGBT equality and rights for many years, married his longtime companion Adrian Petkov in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Marriage for Everyone came into effect two days ago, and many gay and lesbian couples celebrated their weddings in many German cities, where civil registry offices had opened exceptionally on a Sunday in order to hold wedding ceremonies.

Documented by many photographers, one of the first gay weddings was in Berlin-Schöneberg, where Bodo Mende and Karl Kreile said yes to each other. Here is a short video of the celebration:

Another video of the same ceremony – but much more professionally shot:

In Hamburg, there were the first gay and lesbian wedding ceremonies on Sunday as well. In the video below, we can see the newly wed couples assemble in the big city hall where the mayor had organized a reception and many “family photos” were made. The age of the newly wed couples is quite higher on average than the straight people around who did not have to wait for decades before they were allowed to marry their partners.

Below is a clip from the news show heute+ (ZDF) with Eva-Maria Lemke. The short report shows Alexander Lehmann (20) who tries to fight against homophobia with activities such as going around on markets in rural Brandenburg.

Obviously, even though gay marriage (or marriage for everyone), we still have to go further before homophobia will be a thing of the past.

In any case, wedding cakes in Germany were showing the rainbow colors all over Germany on this first Sunday in October.

Long live Germany, or “Ein Hoch auf Deutschland!”
A good match for this is the song Auf uns by Andreas Bourani.

Frank-S / MensGo

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