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France: Petition Against Discrimination of HIV-positive People

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of September 30, 2017) Based on an initiative by entrepreneur Camille Genton, a French petition with 150 (more or less well known) subscribers asks for “real, complete and comprehensive equality in opportunities and treatment” of HIV-positive people. The essential demands are a “right to forget” and absolute non-discrimination.

The petition was signed by actors (such as Nahuel Pérez Biscayart), designers and stylists (Agnès b. and Jean-Paul Gaultier), moderators and hosts (Daphné Bürki), politicians (Franck Riester, Jean-Luc Roméro, Marisol Touraine and Roselyne Bachelot), a Nobel prize winner of medicine (Françoise Barrée-Sinoussi) and many other known and unknown people of the arts, business world and politics as well as, the health field.

Under the title “Nous sommes Positif.ve.s” (or: “We are positive”), the petition lists many cases of blatant discrimination and unfair treatment without any real reason. The text of the petition calls this a completely unjustified attack on peoples’ personal rights, particularly because: “our viral load is undetectable thanks to antiretroviral treatment, we cannot transmit the virus anymore, and our life expectancy is as high as the average in France.”

Entrepreneur Camille Genton stressed these facts in a radio show (see video below, with original soundtrack). He is positive himself and has been practicing sex without condoms for seven years, which is “completely without any risk for his partner.”

Genton clarifies that HIV/AIDS and HIV-positive people should neither be trivialized nor stigmatized. He and the other 150 co-signers of the petition call the virus very destructive because this kind of “serophobia” frequently leads to discrimination, withholding of rights and obvious disrespect.

Among other demands, the petition claims a right to forget in regard to banks and insurance companies because they frequently ask for higher loan interest rates and premiums.

Discrimination, stigmatization and unfair treatment in the health sector (dentists, gynecologists, medical practices), in schools and in the public service (military, police, fire brigade) have to stop as well, just like travel bans for HIV-positive people still effective in about 40 countries.

Camille Genton, the 32-year-old entrepreneur, runs a small chain of about ten restaurants. In the past, banks had often denied his loan applications. It was only after he started lying about his HIV status that banks gave him loans or credits at reasonable conditions.

Frank-S / MensGo
Main source: text of the petition, September 29, 2017 (available for reading online, free or charge; download for a fee)
Initial source: lexpress.fr, September 29, 2017

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