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CSD Topics: For Transsexuals in New York, for Artificial Insemination in Paris and Against Police Violence in Istanbul

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of June 27, 2017) As every year in June, the first Gay Pride parades took place in big cities around the globe last weekend. They either expressed political claims and party mood or they were rather defensive as in Istanbul. There, policemen shot rubber bullets on LGBT people who had opposed the assembly ban. We will look at Paris today and then at New York and Istanbul over the next days – all of that in this article.

Update of June 30, 2017: Report on the New York Gay Pride parade of June 25, 2017 at the end of this article.

The following video clips on the Paris Gay Pride were taken from Marie Panic TV, a very creative French website.

Paris claims right of artificial insemination for all women

The Paris Gay Pride was held last Saturday, June 24 with the slogan “Marche des fiertés LGBT” (or LGBT Pride March). The central political claim (link?) was access to artificial insemination for all women.

Presidential promises not kept

Currently, only heterosexual couples may officially benefit from artificial insemination, and this only in certain cases such as infertility. Lesbian couples and single women are not allowed to resort to artificial insemination at all. Surrogate motherhood is generally forbidden in France.

Before his election, former president Hollande had promised access to artificial insemination for all women but he then never kept his promise. The new French president Emmanuel Macron has expressed himself in a positive way about this issue but wanted to wait for an advisory opinion by the National Ethics Committee.

This advisory opinion was published today, June 27, 2017, and the Ethics Committee recommends opening artificial insemination to all women, i.e. to lesbian couples and single women. Remains to be seen whether Macron will follow this recommendation.


The Paris Gay Pride parade 2017 was dominated by various symbols.

For the first time, president Macron’s new party LREM (La République en marche or: Republic in motion) participated in the parade.

The LREM participants in the parade clearly were in favor of artificial insemination for all women.

Party politics…

Many LGBT activists were surprised about LREM participating in the parade because the new prime minister Édouard Philippe was still opposed to artificial insemination for every woman back in 2013, and because two ministers of his government are very strongly opposed to same-sex marriage.

As another symbol, the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, was at the head of the parade. However, it would have been nice to see some more prominent politicians next to her.

Transsexuals: Forgotten, unfortunately

Over the last years, there have not been any improvements for transsexual people unfortunately. Authorities still stigmatized them and treat them like children or sick people.

Yet another symbol: Paris Gay Pride 2017 was the fortieth Gay Pride in the French capital, and 40 years after June 25, 1977, the public perceptions and opinions on homosexuality have significantly improved – even though there may still be homophobic incidents occasionally.

Many changes

The topics may have changed but there are still sociopolitical claims, such as the same rights for everyone.

For the first time this year, the French government granted public funding to the Gay Pride parade. Particularly as a result to the homophobic shootings in Orlando last year, support for the fight against homophobia has been made official.

Of course, the parade itself also commemorated the victims of the Orlando shootings and reminded all participants and observers of all the people around the world who are persecuted due to their homosexuality – particularly those in Chechnya.

tweet Macron

Macron: A gay-friendly tweet in support of the Paris Gay Pride.


Update of June 30, 2017: Report on the New York Gay Pride parade:

NYC Pride 2017 – a Gay Pride parade (not) like all the others

The Pride parade in New York on June 25, 2017, hat two important symbols on either end: Starting at glamourous 5th Avenue (corner of 36th St.) and ending at Christopher Street, 48 years after the Stonewall riots and 47 years after the first NYC Pride March in 1970.

Here is a short video with high image quality:

Mockery for Trump and his comet Haley

Since we do not have official numbers of this year’s parade, here are those of 2016: 80 floats and 350 different groups by foot, yielding a total parade length of several kilometers, accompanied by thousands of spectators. (The estimates for 2017 quote around 40,000 people.)

The biggest and omnipresent star of the parade was none other than… Donald Trump. Obviously he was not actually present – yet he was the motif of many caricatures, figures and slogans. The central theme was a simple word: resist. Even Trump’s daughter Ivanka was the subject of much ridicule.

The new US representative at the UNO was present as well, and she was welcomed with a lot of jeering.

Blasio and his lesbian wife, Cuomo and his gay judge

Many celebrities were part of the parade, such as mayor Bill de Blasio accompanied by his wife Chirlane McCray (who says she was a lesbian before meeting her future husband), governor Andrew Cuomo and Brook Guinan, the first transsexual firefighter in New York.

Governor Cuomo seized the occasion to nominate Paul G. Feinman who will be the first openly gay judge at the New York district court of appeal, the highest court for the district of New York.

Here is another video, much longer but filmed completely from one observation point:

Chelsea Manning as a free woman

As proof for the very political (anti-Trump) character of the parade, whistleblower Chelsea Manning participated in the parade as well. She had been pardoned by Barack Obama and was then released from prison.

Many more singers, actors, stars and starlets of the American showbiz walked in the parade.

Actually, for the first time in almost 50 years of history of the Pride parade in New York, a TV station broadcast the complete parade live. Here is a short extract of the broadcast:


To be continued…

Frank-S / MensGo

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