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Highly recommended reading: “Genèse d’un homme sensible” by Laurent Ribis

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of May 30, 2017) To all those who read French fluently: You should read Genèse d’un homme sensible (in English: Genesis of a Sensitive Man) by Laurent Ribis. And why not translate it into English if you liked it?

Book author Laurent Ribis contacted our French-speaking blog writer Philca directly to advertise his book. Philca read it and finds it highly worthy reading – even though the author and his publisher Édilivre are virtually unknown.

Book cover of 'Genèse d'un homme sensible'

Laurent Ribis: Genèse d’un homme sensible. ©edilivre.com

Besides being a book author, Laurent Ribis is also an artist, decorator, sculptor and builds urban furniture. You can find more information and get an idea of his works on his website Urban Tree (in French and English).

Commercial trailer for the book:


His book Genèse d’un homme sensible (in English: Genesis of a Sensitive Man) was published back on October 6, 2016. It had taken him years to write.

He has not always been the well-recognized all-round artist, which he is today. As many others, he had to first prove himself.

Ribis grew up in Toulouse auf, a city in which homophobia was common (as in other places too) – he witnessed it regularly.

Genèse d'un homme sensible, at Édilivre publishers

Purchase on Amazon.fr by clicking on the picture (in print, as an e-book and/or pdf).

In the book, Ribis talks in very personal and vivid language about his own life, about the battle against homophobia and hatred, and how he created his own path of life only to then walk on it.

You can buy print versions of the book for €13.50 and e-book versions for €1.49 to €1.99 (partly including pdf versions) directly from the publisher or from Amazon.fr.

It would be great if, based on this blog article, someone who liked the book volunteered as a translator in order to produce an English version of this important piece of literature. 😉

Frank-S / MensGo

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