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May 17: Resistance Against Homophobia in France

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of May, 10 2017) The annual report 2017 of the French organization SOS Homophobie states 19.5% more cases of hostile activity compared to 2016, including 76% more cases of transphobia.

Report 2017 of SOS Homophobie

Homophobia on 170 pages. ©sos-homophobie.org

More cases of LGBT-phobia

The 21st annual report by SOS Homophobie focuses on the role of the Internet (22.5% of the cases), politics and the media with regard to the increase of cases of LGBT-phobia in the past year. Even if the media may not play an active role, the turn a blind eye much too often.

In total, there were 1575 homophobic actions in France in 2016, i.e. 19.5% more than in 2015. Even though the number of registered cases has dropped from 2013 and 2014, it does show how vivid this phenomenon still is.

More homophobic events

Statistics of the last years. 🙁 ©sos-homophobie.org

The increase of cases is particularly worrying for transphobia (+76%) and biphobia (+48%). For lesbophobia (+16%) and gayphobia (+15%), the numbers have stayed about the same.

Hatred has many faces

In reality, we do not know whether the numbers of cases reflect an actual increase of homophobic violence or just the fact that more cases are actually reported.

In the majority of cases, LGBT-phobia expresses itself as verbal attacks or hostile behavior. But cases of layoffs (1%) and physical (13%) or sexual violence (1%) are part of the phenomenon.

On the top of the list is Gayphobia with 59% and 829 cases. All the details can be found in the 170 pages of the annual report 2017.

Methodology of the SOS Homophobie annual report

As in previous years, the annual report 2017 compiles the registered LGBT-phobic actions of the previous year. The data is not exhaustive, and so it just shows a trend. For privacy reasons, the first names are just fictitious.


The SOS Homophobie report rather shows trends than serious statistical data. On the one hand, the numbers have increased, on the other hand this indicates that more cases are actually reported today.

It also shows that most victims of LGBT-phobia know where to go today.

Not to forget that, despite the shock and excitement after a homophobic attack, victims have to take notes, keep evidence, look for witnesses and file a report with the police or turn to the media.

Frank-S / MensGo
Hauptquelle: SOS Homophobie

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