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Hawaii Visibly Wooing Gay Tourists

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of May 2, 2017) A nice tourism flyer says more than a thousand words. The tourism office of Hawaii openly promotes gay tourists with its photo galleries. Same-sex marriage was officially legalized in virtue of the law of November 12, 2013.

The Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) shows a total of 64 photos after a search for gay. However, searching for lesbian does not yield any photos, which may just be some bug or due to the fact that no photos of lesbian couples have been stored in the gallery as yet.


Saying “Yes” on Hawaii – why not? 🙂 ©Hawaii Tourism Authority / Vince Soliven

Those photos reflect quite an enrichment – not only in reference to the sheer number of photos in the photo collection but also in terms of content: The photos with happy gay couples are not shown on the last page only.


Search screen of HTA. 🙂 (HTA, screenshot)

Those beautiful photographs can be found in the romance category and show that the US archipelago is a wonderful destination for LGBT couples wanting to marry.

Schwule Radtour

Biking on Hawaii… ©Hawaii Tourism Authority / Tor Johnson

As of today, only straight couples with children are shown after a search for family but this may well change over time.

As it looks, there was just one photo shooting because we consistently see the same gay couple in a variety of situations. Where are the gorgeous surfer boys? After all, Hawaii is know as a great surfing destination, too. :mrgreen:


Guitar or Ukulele? ©Hawaii Tourism Authority / Tor Johnson

Let’s just hope that Donald John Trump, 45th president of the United States will not try to turn back time for gays and lesbians in America. :mrgreen:

coucher de solail gay

A romantic sunset… ©Hawaii Tourism Authority / Tor Johnson

Despite some imperfections, we do welcome this beautiful and well-meant initiative by the vacation and wedding paradise Hawaii.

Frank-S / MensGo

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