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Angels at the White Party Aphrodite in Zurich from May 5 to 7, 2017

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of April 19, 2017) In Switzerland, you have the choice for a great party weekend on May 5 to 7: The My House Club in French-speaking Lausanne (see our article of last week) or the White Party 2017 weekend by Angels.ch in German-speaking Zurich. MensGo is a partner for both party weekends.

According to the Greek mythology, goddess Aphrodite was fathered by Uranus and arose from the sea foam.

Poster: White Party

Aphrodite, oh Aphrodite, give us a great party! ©Angels.ch

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love and sexuality, which is a great omen for a hot party weekend from May 5, 10 pm until May 7, 5 pm. This may well be the reason for the event organizers Angels.ch to name their White Party after her.

As for all parties by Angels.ch in the previous years (Black Party 2011 and 2012, Kitsch Party 2012 and White Party 2012 and 2014), everyone is welcome to join and have fun, no matter what skin color, size, shape, origin, political opinion or sexual orientation – except for homophobes of course.

Angels Events have padded the White Party of Saturday, May 6 with a warm-up party on Friday before and an after party on Sunday and wrapped it all up as a White Party Weekend.

White Party 2016

The White Party of 2016 – and 2017 will be even better! ©Angels.ch

White Party Aphrodite: May 6, 2017 as of 10 pm

The main event of the long party weekend, the White Party Aphrodite 2017 is named after the Greed goddess. It starts on May 6, 10 pm and last until 6 am of the next morning.

The entrance can be reserved online on Angels.ch for 30 CHF (28 EUR), which will save you the long waiting lines at the door. Currently, the price is already at 42 CHF (39 EUR).

The Party Program

The White Party Aphrodite takes place at the Club X-Tra, Limmattstrasse 118 in Zurich.

The party will happen on three levels, featuring live vocals by Nalaya Brown from Spain among others.

On the third floor, DJ Angelo O from Zurich and Drag Queen DJane Tyra Starlight from Germany will spin the tables. Smoking is allowed on that floor, too.

The first floor will feature DJ Yinon Yahel from Israel (Tel Aviv), Alex Acosta from the USA (San Francisco) and Adrian Dalera from Mexico.

Sharon O’Love (London) and Ricardo Ruhga (Italy) will make the second floor move and groove.

Twelve Gogo dancers in olympic shape

The 12 Angels Dancers will provide the eye candy to go with the music.

Poster: White Out

White Out: The warm-up party on May 5. ©Angels.ch

White Out, the pre-party on May 5 as of 10 pm

The warm-up party White Out on Friday night is organized by Angels Events as well and happens at Les Garçons, Kernstrasse 60, once again in Zurich.

Gay bar: Les Garçons

Les garçons bar. ©gaybar.ch

DJanes Sharon O’Love (London) and Tyra Starlight (Germany) are responsible for the sound during the party night from 5 to 6 May.

Two after parties...

The first after party takes place at Moustache-Sauna.

Moustache Sauna

Moustache, the beautiful gay sauna in Zurich. ©Moustache.ch

The Moustache Sauna opens on May 7, 2017 from 2:30 until 8 am. Those who seek a relaxed time after partying are entitled to a special rate of 15 CHF (14 EUR).

Poster: White After

White After at Q Club: More dancing and partying... ©Angels.ch

For all those who still haven’t had enough, there is the “White After” party on May 7 from 7 am to 5 pm.

This great finale of the long party weekend will be at Q Club, Förrlibuckstrasse 151 in Zurich. Four international DJs will spin the tables there: Anthony May from Spain, Davide Paoni from Italy, and finally Ben and Jose Jones from Zurich

So remember for the weekend of May 5 to 7: The big parties are at Zurich (White Party) and Lausanne (My House Club).

Things to remember

If you want to make the best of this party weekend, you can buy a weekend pass for all three parties, i.e. White Out (Friday), White Party Aphrodite (Saturday) and White After @ Q-Club (Sunday). This pass does not include the entrance fee for the Moustache Sauna on Sunday.

You can also find all links and details on Angels.ch.

As an appetizer: Here is a video of the 20th anniversary White Party in Zurich (2014):


White Party: Event page on MensGo | Angels.ch | Facebook page
Club X-TRA, Limmattstrasse 118, 8005 Zurich

White Out: Facebook page
Les Garçons, Kernstrasse 60, 8004 Zurich

White After @ Moustache
Moustache Sauna, Engelstrasse 4, 8004 Zurich

White After @ Q Club
Q Club (Facebook page)
Förrlibuckstrasse 151, 8005 Zurich

Frank-S / MensGo

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