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MensGo, the Quickest Way to Gay Parties

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of February 22, 2017) The gay blog MensGo.com has been around for quite a few years already – but what is MensGo? The website promotes gay events and allows gay men to meet others. Creating an account and using MensGo.com is completely free of charge.

Let’s assume you are just a normal gay or bisexual guy, and you want to meet other boys or men to go out or have fun.

If you want to go out these days and are looking for gay parties or events in your area, then just log on to MensGo.com and take a look.

On MensGo.com, you will be asked to create a user account.

Gay events on MensGo.com

MensGo.com shows links to many gay parties and events.

User accounts on MensGo are completely free of charge. Obviously, if you want to go to an event, you may have to pay an entrance fee there. However, there is no payment function on MensGo itself.

As for any other site, you just fill in the form to open an account. There are profiles for regular users, artists or event organizers and associations.

You just fill in your language (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese) and the parts you want. After that, you can directly access the event agenda.

How can you find an event? There are several ways to do that.

Below the MensGo logo, you can see the days of the current week (here week number 8, from February 20 to 26, 2017). Below, there is the search form as indicated in the next picture.

Weekly view on MensGo

The Event Search on MensGo.com.

Directly below each day of the week, you can see a number referring to the number of events on that particular day or night.

Typically, most events happen on the weekend: In our example, there are 206 on Friday, 383 on Saturday and 272 on Sunday.

After clicking on a day, you will see a list with all events on that day, sorted by countries and cities.

Instead of searching by date, you can also search by place or by a keyword. In a search form in the right column, you can search for other users instead.

Event places on MensGo.com

What gay parties and events are there in my area?

If you have allowed the location information in your browser or on your mobile device, you will see events in your area.

Clicking on the small calendar on the top left will open a larger view of the current month. Next to the date, you will see the number of events on a particular day.

Gay agenda of events on MensGo

February 2017 in the Event Agenda of MensGo. 🙂

After clicking on a day of your choice, you will see all events listed for that particular day.

Below each event description, you may post comments or even videos, and this even works after a particular event.

Conclusion: In its Worldwide Event Gay Guide, MensGo lists about 1300 new events worldwide per week.

This article is intended mainly for existing members (users) of MensGo.com, i.e. those who have already created a user account. We will explain how to do that in a separate article.

In addition, we will explain some more things: The types of profiles (artist, event organizer, association), the login methods (via Facebook, and soon via Twitter) and the connection types (via a browser or via our mobile app).

As always, we welcome any comments and suggestions. You may post these on this page, right below this article.

Frank-S / MensGo

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