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Professional Life: Norway Ranks Best for LGBT People

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of January 18, 2017) According to a recent study by Expert Market, Norway is the most open and accommodating country for LGBT people in terms of working conditions and work environment. Norway heads a list of 43 countries in Europe and stretching to the west of the Ural Mountains. Four more Scandinavian countries come in among the first ten ranks. At the end of the list, there are four former soviet republics (Belarus, Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia) as well as, Turkey (Muslim) and Macedonia (Orthodox).

The ranking published by Expert Market (extpertmarket.fr) comes with a few surprises. Switzerland, for example, ranks 8 before the UK (rank 9) and France (rank 11). On the other hand, the Netherlands rank 10 although they are known as a very open and gay-friendly country.

Map of Europe: LGBT in professional life

Green = gay-friendly, red = hostile and to be avoided by LGBT people. ©expertmarket.fr

The study carried out by Expert Market rates criteria relating to professional life very high. This is why Norway, Finland and Belgium (ranks 1 to 3) or Malta (rank 7) come in so high: These countries have laws and regulations in place to protect LGBT people in professional life. In Malta however, this group is not particularly protected against discrimination in the housing market.

The general tolerance (5 of 5 points) towards gays and lesbians is highest in the Netherlands and Spain (rank 13). In the final ranking, Spain is further behind though because LGBT persons (like most others) suffer from high unemployment rates (1 of 5 points) and a low available income (2 of 5). Switzerland, however, is very strong in exactly these two criteria (5 of 5 points, twice), which makes it rank before France, the UK and Spain in the final listing – despite the fact that there is no same-sex marriage in Switzerland yet.

Quite surprisingly, Croatia shares rank 11 with France, whereas all other countries of ex-Yugoslavia end up on the second half of the list.

Armenia received 0 points in five of the six criteria, giving it a final mark of 0.2 of 5 points.

This study by Expert Market is based on at least five different sources, including the numbers of the Rainbow Europe 2016 study published by Ilga-Europe.

Comment: Expert Market only published the results of the study but did not give any details on their calculation online.

Due to the choice of sources, the study’s findings should be taken with a fair amount of caution.

Frank-S / MensGo
Main source: Expert Market, without date,
Initial source: Lefigaro.fr, January 14, 2017

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