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UNAIDS Reports Small Progress in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS

(Blogmensgo, schwuler Blog vom 22. November 2016) In its report published on November 21, 2016, UNAIDS welcomes the fact that significantly more people are on antiretroviral treatment today and launches an initiative for these people plus all persons who are at higher risk of infection.

The UNAIDS paper is an introspective report and action program at the same time. It appeared with its title “Get on the Fast-Track – The life-cycle Approach to HIV” in English exclusively.

End of June 2016, about 18.2 million people worldwide were on antiretroviral treatment, which is about 1 million more than in January 2016 or 3 million more than two years ago.

UNAIDS poster

UNAIDS: The 2016 report is not very encouraging… ©Unaids.org

As this report is extensively covered by media worldwide, we may focus on the parts referring to the LGBT community, or gay men and transsexuals more precisely. The “life-cycle approach” refers to HIV-positive people and risk groups as well as, their behavior and risks with respect to gender, age and region, particularly younger women (aged 15 to 24) living in sub-Saharan Africa.

Between 2010 and 2015, new HIV infections increased by 12% and have stayed the same amongst sex workers and transsexuals. The report clearly asks for more action and financial aid targeted to these three groups.

More should be done for people aged 50 and above because there are about 100,000 new infections per year in this age group.

UNAIDS map on homophobia

Homophobia boosts infection rates. ©Unaids.org

The report particularly underlines the disastrous effects of laws against homosexuality and against prevention or treatment of risk groups.

Frank-S / MensGo
Main source: Press release by UNAIDS (Onusida), November 21, 2016.

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