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Are there any gay football players at the Euros?

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of June 20, 2016) There are many nice things to be seen at the UEFA European Championship this year. The ball and great playing techniques? Not really…
Instead, there is a lot of body contact and funny scenes with the players – as we can see in these photos (sponsored by a well-known tire manufacturer).

England vs. Russia

England-Russia: Lots of touching and body contact. ©Alex Livesey / Getty Images.

The question is whether there are any gay players in the 24 participating national teams. Two footballer of the English Premier League are said to be planning their coming-out for this summer (see our article) Allegedly, one of them even plays in the English national team.

Luftsprünge von Fußballern

Capers in anticipation of one’s coming-out? ©Alex Livesey / Getty Images.

We still do not know who these two players are and whether they will come out of the closet during the Euros or only afterwards.

Raheem Sterling

Top or bottom? Raheem Sterling (front) or his Russian opponent? Dan Mullan / Getty Images. ©Dan Mullan / Getty Images.

Make a guess. Watch and let your fantasy go wild…

Antonio Candreva und Dries Mertens

On the floor (Antonio Candreva, Italy) or standing (Dries Mertens, Belgium)? A nice act of fair play in any case! ©Michael Steele / Getty Images.

Let’s take a look at the two matches England-Russia (June 11) und Belgium-Italy (June 13).

Despite his short size of only 1.70 m, Raheem Sterling certainly is one of the most attractive players. Is he one of the British footballers said to come out of the closet soon?

Raheem Sterling

Raheeeeeeeeeeem! Brexit or not: Raheem Sterling is the cutest one… ©Laurence Griffiths / Getty Images.

Overall, the English team’s play was a lot nicer than the Russian team’s one.

Football player in position

“Let’s go for it, boys. I am in position.” ©Lars Baron / Getty Images.

The Belgian striker Eden Hazard is nice eye candy, too. He normally also plays for the English Premier League (Chelsea).

Spiel Belgien-Italien

Touchy-touchy! Lots of feeling at the match Belgium-Italy… ©Michael Steele / Getty Images.

Gay players in the Italian team? How knows – they are Latinos…

Hazard and Fellaini (Belgium)

Eden Hazard and Marouane Fellaini – they played hard but lost anyway against Italy. ©Julian Finney / Getty Images.

Anyway – so far, no player has come out of the closet at these Euros as of today (June 20 2016).

England va. Russia

Oops… sorry I bumped into you! ©Dan Mullan / Getty Images.


The match Germany-Poland was rather uninspired and boring.

Thomas Müller with two Polish players

Thomas Müller (white) in a sandwich position. ©Paul Gilham/Getty Images.

Thomas Müller, Mario Götze and Mesut Özil were not able to show their usual potential.

Sami Khedira

Even Sami Khedira was a bit boring. ©Paul Gilham/Getty Images.

Polish strikers Arkadiusz Milik and Robert Lewandowski did a lot better.

Footballers taken from behind

Go for it – from behind… ©Paul Gilham/Getty Images.

Despite the unfortunate match, Özil and Lewandowski are still top players with a very elegant technique.

Lewandowski and Özil

Robert Lewandowski (red) and Mesut Özil (white): Elegant play with the ball. ©Paul Gilham/Getty Images.

Mario Gomez and Jerome Boateng, the two muscular German top players, usually do a great job, even though their play is less elegant.

Mario Gomez

Mario Gomez. As soon as a top footballer of his caliber comes out of the closet, those homophobic dumb-asses will shut up. ©Matthias Hangst/Getty Images.

Let us hope that there will be a lot more nice goals to see at these Euros 2016 and some great players come out of the closet finally.

Hummels, Lewandowski and Neuer

Robert Lewandowski and Manuel Neuer leapfrogging. Mats Hummels seems to enjoy watching.
©Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images.


Frank-S / MensGo

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