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Geraldine Roman, the First Transsexual Deputy in the Philippine Congress

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of May 11, 2016) On June 30, 2016, Geraldine B. Roman will become the first elected transgender deputy in the Philippine House of Representatives. Even though the official numbers of the parliamentary elections of May 9, 2016 have not yet been published, we already know that she has been elected to represent the first district of the Bataan province.

Geraldine Roman (49) married a Spanish man while she lived in Spain. She underwent a sexual reassignment and has lived as a woman since 1994.

geraldine Roman

Geraldine Roman (left), with her father (before his dead) and her mother.

As a Liberal Party candidate, Geraldine Roman will follow her mother Herminia as a deputy, who in turn had followed her husband Antonio, Geraldine’s father. Antonio (who died in January of 2014) had raised Geraldine to be strong when her classmates were bullying her.

The multilingual politician had worked as a journalist in Spain before she returned to her home country in 2012.

About 80% of the Philippine population is catholic, and no political person in office has ever come out of the closet. Although many Philippinos are for legalizing same-sex marriage, homophobia is still very common.

Obviously, Geraldine Roman wants to fight for LGBT issues as a deputy. Among other things, she wants to get rid of a law of 2001 that prohibits transsexuals from changing their name and gender.

The Ang Ladlad party, which represents the LGBT community, was not allowed to participate in the 2010 elections because it was considered “immoral and against religious beliefs.” Based on the same thoughts, neither divorce nor abortion is allowed.

Roman wants to fight for a law against homophobic discrimination. She may find unexpected support in Rodrigo Duterte (71) who won the presidential elections not long ago and who is open to same-sex marriage.

During his electoral campaign, he made several gay-friendly comments and also criticized his compatriot Manny Pacquiao. According to Wikipedia, the boxer and senator candidate said during a TV show on February 2016, that “if we allow two men or two women to marry, humans are worse than animals.”

Frank-S / MensGo
(Via recent press articles, including Washington Blade of May 9 and BBC of May 10, 2016)

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