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Only About Ten Openly Gay Imams Worldwide

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of May 4, 2016) The Holy Scriptures of the Islam do not condemn homosexuality, and the prophet was even gay-friendly. These are just some of the revelations – to employ a term with religious connotation – of the gay imam Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed.

In an interview published on Spiegel Online, Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed explains why Muslim beliefs and Islam are not incompatible neither with homosexuality in general nor with his own homosexuality in particular – or why they should not be.

Koran and rosary

Was Mohammed gay-friendlier than his followers? ©abd ulmeilk majed.

The Franco-Algerian Imam points out that nothing in the Koran says “that homosexuality is condemnable.” What is more, Islam is a gay-friendly religion from a historical perspective.

“For centuries, Islam used to be tolerant towards homo- and transsexual people. The Prophet himself, peace be with him, stood up for and protected them. He even invited “Mukhannathun” – the former term for effeminate men – to his home. The Koran does tell us about Sodom and Gomorrah but that is a story about rape, not homosexuality.”

Later on, people interpreted Islam and the Prophet’s prescriptions in their own ways and with their own methods, one of which was the enforcement of the sharia (religious law) and the prosecution of any deviations from it.

What shall we think about this? Imam Zahed explains: “They are fascists who persecute religious, ethnic and sexual minorities. […] It has nothing to do with Islam” because “Islam is essentially a peaceful and tolerant religion.”

According to Zahed, there are about ten openly gay imams worldwide, including himself. That may not be much but “we have to start somewhere.” In 2012, he founded a mosque in Paris that is open to homo- and heterosexual people.

Even though Zahed receives many encouraging comments, he knows that his humanistic opinions present quite a risk for him and his life.

Frank-S / MensGo
(Via an interview on Spiegel Online, published on May 3, 2016)

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