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Zika Virus Can Spread Through Sexual Contacts Between Gays

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of April 20, 2016) On April 14, 2016, US health authorities confirmed transmission of the Zika virus through sexual intercourse between two gay men. There had been about half a dozen reported cases of contagion via sexual contacts but this is the first known case of a transmission between homosexuals.

This first case of transmission the Zika virus between gays had been reported as early as February 3, 2016 but was definitely confirmed only a couple of days ago. The gay couple in question lives in Dallas, Texas. One of the two men had traveled to Venezuela in January and passed the disease to his partner back home via anal sex.

Mosquito pricking the skin

Mosquitos typically carry the Zika virus. ©CDC Organization / James Gathany.

The two men suffered from a fever, conjunctivitis and skin rashes. The Zika diagnosis was confirmed by lab exams.

The two Texans did not suffer from any particular complications. However, physicians and biologists cannot accurately predict how the disease may develop.

In any case, we now know that the Zika virus may spread through vaginal and anal (homo- or heterosexual) sexual intercourse. Just like with HIV, condoms seem to be the method of choice to prevent infection.

Typically, the virus is passed from one human to another one by Aedes mosquitos. In the case of the two Texans, a yellow fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti) passed the disease to the first man in Venezuela who, in turn, infected his partner back in Dallas.

Frank-S / MensGo
(Via daily press articles, including Direct Matin and 20 Minutes of April 15, 2016)

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