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First Civil Unions in Cyprus

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of January 11, 2016) Beginning on January 18, 2016, the first partnerships (civil unions) will be registered in Cyprus. The Cypriot minister of justice has already announced his presence at a gay civil union of a prison warden.

The Cypriot registered partnership (civil union) applies to straight and gay couples who want neither a civil nor a religious marriage. Real same-sex marriage is not yet possible in Cyprus anyway.

Registered partners may not jointly adopt children but each one may adopt children as a single.

A large majority of the Cypriot members of parliament had voted for civil unions in November 2015. Due to administrative details, the first civil unions can only be registered in mid-January 2016. In the Greek part of Cyprus, homosexuality was legalized in 1998, and in the Turkish part only in 2014. The first Gay Pride was celebrated in May 2014.

Marios and Fanos

Marios and Fanos show themselves very happily on Facebook.

The first gay civil union may be celebrated on March 4, 2016 in the capital of Nikosia as the two men announced on Facebook on January 9.

Marios Frixou and Fanos Eleftheriou have invited their friends to the party, which will be held under the patronage of an interior ministry representative. As the party will be public however, everyone can participate, even the minister of justice.

Why the minister of justice? Because Marios Frixou is a prison warden (and a part-time writer as a hobby), which makes the minister of justice one of his superiors. The minister is said to have already confirmed his presence.

Marios declared that they did not announce the party publicly for any exhibitionist motivations – to the contrary: Same-sex couples should now dare to register their partnerships in order to fight against social taboos.

He also said that almost all of his relatives would assist at their civil union party.

Frank-S / MensGo
(Via press articles of January 9, 2016, including Global Post and CI News)

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