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Gay-friendly Commercials – a New Trend in the US

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of December 19, 2015) Gay commercials seem to be the new trend in the USA. LGBT activists just consider that a small wave whereas homophobic reactionaries look at it as the road to hell.

Some companies, such as Ikea, already discovered gays, lesbians and alternative families several years ago but these initiatives were rather isolated cases. However, since the Supreme Court ruling of June 26, 2015, gay-friendly commercials seem to be the new big thing.

Commercials do not typically take on a precursor role. Mostly, they reflect society at a particular moment in time and accompany social developments. Higher outcome of gay-friendly TV commercials in the US shows that LGBT topics are more visible now, better accepted and almost part of mainstream society.

The impact of those gay-friendly PR campaigns is very powerful because they push the same buttons as classical campaign do: In a psychological manner, they are telling stories and creating emotions, and in a social manner, they are referring to family, parenthood and happiness.

In some cases, the advertising specialists come up with very nice slogans that would work great for any Gay Pride celebration, just like the Tylenol commercial: Instead of pointing out the benefits of Tylenol (paracetamol), the TV spot show an interracial gay couple with their child. One of the fathers explains that “family is not defined by who you love but how.” That takes away pain just like a pill of Tylenol would. ☺

For all those who do not understand that, Tylenol has a very clear hash tag: #HowWeFamily.

High-end store Nordstrom is betting on a cute young gay couple. One of them is coming home and is greeted by a young, cute four-legged friend, and then by his two-legged lover. Everyone is hugging everyone, and things are good.

The very nice song that goes with the pretty TV spot is called “Go Solo” and is performed by Tom Rosenthal. You can watch and listen to it here.

Campbell is up to the modern times, too. Not just because of gay characters but also because they are taking up the Star Wars theme:

Two daddies are feeding their son noodle soup from Campbell – and, in a Darth Vader voice, both claim to be the boy’s (real) father.

Wells Fargo has a very moving and well-produced spot. We see a woman who is learning sign language, and there is another one too. In the end, both women are “talking” to a small hearing-impaired girl whose face is visibly brightening up when the two adults explain to her that they are her new mothers.

Life is beautiful… How do we say that in sign language again?

Frank-S / MensGo
(via The Washington Post of December 14, 2015)

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