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Czech Court Allows Adoption by Same-sex Couple

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of 8 December 2015) On November 5, 2015, the court of Prostějov, Czech Republic, allowed a gay couple to adopt twins. This is an absolute first in the Czech Republic, where same-sex couples have no right to adopt children.

Prague Pride 2015 with Obama

Barack Obama at Prague Pride in 2015? Yes, but only virtually. :) ©Prague Pride / Eva Kořínková.

The gay parents couple consists of a Czech and a French guy who live in San Francisco (California). They got married there and adopted five-year-old twins. However, during a vacation trip back to Czechia, they found themselves without any legal status as parents of the two children.

The adoption had already taken three years in California. When it was finally accepted by the court in Prostějov, the birth place of the Czech father, the children were already 10 years old. Now the two children, who enjoy living in Czechia, can take on their father’s nationality and go to school there.

The French-Czech couple is hoping that their victory will become an example for others. However, the Czech laws on registered partnership neither allow one partner to adopt the other partner’s children, nor do they recognize adoptions by same-sex couples registered abroad.

A legislative initiative to modify same-sex partnership rules, brought forward about a year ago, has not yet been accepted. The idea was to legalize adoptions by same-sex couples, simplify the criteria and provide a clear legal status to the adopted children.

The Czech ministers of justice and human rights have promised their own law project provided the parliament drops its initial initiative. However, the two ministers have not presented a time schedule for their project.

The Christian-Democrats (KDU-ČSL) are opposing any changes to the law on registered partnerships and have even launched a signature campaign against adoption by same-sex couples.

Frank-S / MensGo
(Via Prague Post of 7 December 2015)

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