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D! club sets! Lausanne! mode! Jungle! this October 24!

(Blogmensgo, blog Gay of October 15, 2015) If you have not yet booked your night of October 24 to 25 2015, it is high time to do so. Arrange yourself to be at D! club at that time because it suits you D! spare the eyes and ears.

¡Jungle! ¡at D! club with ¡MensGo! © Gay-Party.com.
¡Jungle! ¡at D! club with ¡MensGo! © Gay-Party.com.

No need to draw yourself an exclamation point for you to understand. On October 24, 2015 from 2300hrs and until the 25 at 0600hrs, it will be the Jungle in Lausanne. Yes, the J! Jungle population, Jung! E and even Juuuungle! Specifically on every floor of the Central site, where throne the king of the night, that is to say, the D! club.

One night Jungle, this means that there will be the eyes, ears and wallet. This accessory will alleviate you from 30 Swiss francs (€ 27.5) if you pay on the spot and 25 francs (€ 22.9) if you take your ticket in advance.

For the eyes, it was announced that there will be performances with performers, of Queens who play the drag and gogo, gogo, gogo dancers of....we will let you see for yourself.

No less than three nationalities ligueront to cut you the ear canal syncopated music washers. Trisha (Lopez) will resonate its trills from Switzerland. From Germany, Miss Betty Ford will heat the turntables. The top of the poster is entrusted to a Spanish producer and DJ well known in the international gay scene, I named the grrrrrrand the exceptionnelllllllll Steven Redant!

The Evening is organized in partnership with MensGo. You can thus you destroy the eyes, ears and throat fanning yourself without boast with a fan in your size stamped MensGo. Or surfing on our blogs French and Spanish, who come with a radically changed interface. A second layer of visual innovation adornera said shortly blogs. But by then will have been redesigned our blogs in Italian and German. And perhaps also the MensGo gay blog in French.

The dancers galore to inaugurate our new interface? Why not. In any case it would like to change more often interface. :mrgreen:

Anyway, do not forget to leave covered up.

Philca & Matt / MensGo (via Gay-Party.com)

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