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Paris Gay Pride, June 27, 2015

(Blogmensgo, gay blog on 13 June 2015) June 27, 2015, the streets of Paris will be alive to the rhythm of the Gay Pride, officially titled "March of pride lesbians, gay, bi and trans." Two years after the legalization of gay marriage in France, the event holds more of a protest dimension than ever.

Below the official trailer of the Gay Pride, 2015.


The procession of the Gay Pride in Paris from 1400hrs to shake the Place Edmond Rostand (RER Luxembourg) and will arrive a few hours later in Place de la Republic. And like every year, the parade will be followed by a free concert.
(To date, the press kit is not available and only some general information has been made ​​public.)

The protest component materializes at the outset by a programmatic slogan: "Multiple and indivisible." In other words, let's promote a diversified company that integrates all citizens without leaving a fringe on the roadside, in ghettos or in stigmatizing and discriminatory shackles.

This year, the continued fight towards equality focuses on trans people, women’s access to medically assisted procreation (MAP), the recognition by the civil status of children born outside the administrative habits consideration of unconventional parentage.

One of the posters of the 2015 (© Marchedesfiertes.fr). Click to enlarge.
One of the posters of the 2015 (© Marchedesfiertes.fr). Click to enlarge.

Expected Result: a France where all citizens have the same rights and the same duties, which the administration considers all citizens in the same way, where citizens meet as equals. As if all the faces were gray - if possible lighting in seven colors - and the benefits do not always leaned in favor of the young White straight, male and lots of money.

It remains in hope that this year sees better weather than pride last year, at least would be nice for the rain to hold off a bit 🙂

June 27th, sees pride not only in Paris but also in many other cities.  So have a look and see what is closest to you.

This article has been translated from our french blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo

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