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MensGo invite you to the MAD Club in Lausanne!

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of June 11, 2015) Want a free invitation for the evening of Friday, June 12, 2015 in the MAD Club of Lausanne? MensGo will grant your wishes, my faithful reader.
(To avoid trial sorcelxisme, I specify that it also works with the faithful readers.)
Click for your free invitation (activate popups).
Click for your free invitation (activate popups).

L is for London and Lausanne, as M Mad and MensGo . So L + L + M + M = LGBT.
This is an equation of the fourth degree, but with four known. We will solve this equation - no need to have attended the Polytechnique in Lausanne to include the demonstration below.

The night of June 12, from 23 pm L ondres will face L ausanne. This explains the letter L.
It happens at M ad in partnership with M ensGo, hence the letter M.

To explain how one goes from L + L + M + M LGBT is ... uh ... a little more complicated.
We keep L, since the Angles will face the Helvetii.
And it was doubly right to invoke GB . For primo , London is on this remote and treacherous island. And because secondly , this night is stamped Gameboy G igolos vs. B ordello.
And T? We explain this to you in the paragraph below.

Before entering, it will take the T. In other words the ticket. But with a capital T as it is a free ticket . Yes, an invitation to enter without paying. Saving 25 Swiss francs, almost as many euros.

And to get a free invitation you must click on the image above (allow pop-up or click on this link direct).

You can also consult the record of the event on MensGo.com. Where you discover that on the night of June 12 to 13, is the feast to all floors, to the eyes as for the ears (and perhaps even to other parts of the body).

Better yet! You can now get a free invitation to the festive evening of June 12, from mobile MensGo. So from your smartphone or your tablet.

Gifts on MensGo app! Click to enlarge.
Gifts on MensGo app! Click to enlarge.

As you see above, the MensGo app tells you the coordinates of the event (Ru de Geneve 23, Lausanne) and materialises the place of the festivities with a gold start (orange in the screen print above).

Yes, this is new! Any event referenced by the app MensGo and accompanied by a star is a "premium event MensGo." In other words, a party whose organizer offers a special gift or a gain MensGo members of the gay dating site five stars.
This is even newer than the Gameboy evening vs. stamped Gigolos Bordello inaugurates the series of festive events MensGo premium .

Remember, this is for free, the app is free, the invitations are free, so you got nothing to lose.

It states also, that consuming alcohol at the MAD Club is not free and anyone wishing to enter the MAD club must be able to prove that they are over 18!

Happy Birthday!

Philca & Matt / MensGo

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