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Coming out of a minister, a first in Ireland

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of 29 January 2015) Leo Varadkar, Irish Minister of Health, came out of the closet on January 18, 2015, four months before the referendum on gay marriage. This is the first time a politician of this stature makes his coming out in Ireland.

Leo Varadkar. Dolichocephalic, built like a rugby player, a politician through and through, and champion of gay gay marriage. © Fine Gael.
Leo Varadkar. Dolichocephalic, built like a rugby player, a politician through and through, and champion of gay gay marriage. © Fine Gael.

Leo Varadkar has publicly expressed his homosexuality, the same day that his 36 years at the microphone Irish public broadcaster for RTÉ Radio 1. clickable video clip below.

Ireland has never had a politician of his stature come out of the closet. This is also the first time that Irish Minister made ​​his coming out. Besides his ministerial portfolio, Leo Varadkar is a member of the influential center-right Fine Gael party.

Two deputies on a hundred threescore and six are certainly openly gay, but Leo Varadkar - despite his youth - is a leading figure on the Irish politics.

(His homosexuality?)

"You can not define me like that. I'm not a politician half-Indian [Varadkar is born of an Indian father, hence his name] nor a politician doctor nor a gay politician in this case. This is just a part of me [...] ".

(Being gay?) "It's not something That olefins me. I'm not a half-Indian politician, doctor or a politician or a gay politician for That Matter. It's just hand of who I am [...]. "

Varadkar and to specify that makes his political activity in the public interest and not his sexual orientation. However he hopes to push for gay marriage ahead of the May 2015 referendum.

But to this day, he has not mentioned his coming out or on its website or on its Facebook page .

The Irish government wants to legalize marriage between same sex (hence the referendum in May 2015). Also does he allow blood donation by gay and facilitate the use of surrogate mothers and gay couples.

Homosexuality is a crime in Ireland since 1993, where a PACS (Civil Partnership) was established in 2011. The coming out Leo Varadkar has also been welcomed by politicians. Including the Prime Minister, Enda Kenny, who took the opportunity to teach his health minister that he went for a walk in unexpectedly Pantibar - a famous transvestite bar in Dublin - in December 2014.

The outcome of the constitutional referendum in May 2015 leans heavily in favor of gay and lesbian marriage. A survey Phone Red C published January 15, 2015 credits the gay marriage 75% approval rating. This figure rose to 90% in less than 24 years and is 55% for over 65 years. The only uncertainty concerns the rate of participation required to validate the poll.

One of the most fervent supporters of gay marriage in Ireland is none other than the actor Colin Farrell, whose older brother is gay. Yesterday January 19, 2015, RTÉ took the inaugural issue directly presented by Claire Byrne for a debate on gay marriage. Including Colin Farrell was one of the speakers.

Below, the exciting and passionate about Colin Farrell in issuing Claire Byrne:

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo

(via all the press on 18 January 2015)

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