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With MensGo, only winners!

Blogmensgo, gay blog January 19, 2015) New Years Eve and Eve Bordello special night at the club Mad Lausanne, filled with delight for all participants. And filled with three fantastic prizes. With whom? With MensGo, yes we go!

Frédéric Marini, while charming, has his number. © MensGo.
Frédéric Marini, while charming, has his number. © MensGo.

We promised for December 31, the presence of a dozen Missi Dominici stamped MensGo.

Broken promises. The Bordello evening was oh so festive. And all the more festive than MensGo, omnipresent, revellers proposed to participate in a lottery. This they did, the buggers.

The draw took place at another event in partnership with MensGo: January 10, 2015, again in Lausanne, specifically the GT's, on the margins of DKLé Little New Year (which had been spoken as December 31 ).

And who was on stage? Frédéric Marini in person (pictured). Yes, the beautiful - and yet straight - Mister Suisse Francophone 2014. Which this hottie took from his pocket a confirmed neutral hand to draw lots for the three winners of the lottery of MensGo.

The story does not say what he was doing with his other hand during that time.

Ludovic Jacquinod Canet, Aude (France) won a bronze medal voucher Fnac 20 Swiss francs (€ 17).

The regional stage was Fredo Seira, Lausanne (Switzerland), who took home a gift certificate Fnac 50 Swiss francs (€ 42).

And then Manual Jebacovic, Payerne (Switzerland), who won the jackpot, which is 100 Swiss francs (€ 83) to spend.

Numerologists, complotologues, mathematicians, typographers and other wacky figures could see that Manuel won the set with the number 88. A very special number, since 88 is both a palindrome (it reads in both directions a vertical axis) and an ambigram full mirror (it is reflected identically in both directions with the help of a mirror).

Summary: congratulations to the winners, thank you to Frederick Marini, congratulations to MensGo and go to the next Eve!

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo

(with contributions from Tony, I want to thank)

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