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Michael Sam welcomes his coming out

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of January 6th, 2015) The American football player Michael Sam claims to have made ​​the right choice by revealing his homosexuality. That's what he told Oprah Winfrey just after the release of a documentary devoted her OWN TV, the channel of the famous animator.

Below, Michael Sam interviewed by Oprah Winfrey on the "penetration" of gay players in professional football:

Why hasn't Michael Sam been permanently recruited by any NFL team? Defensive end refuses any alternative that would put in the balance the sporty one side and on the other that he is gay. He prefers to put the question differently and less simplistic.

Michael Sam is not the only gay NFL player, but he is the only one to be open. He came out of the closet February 9, 2014, while still evolving in the university championship. Three months later, on May 10, he was drafted in extremis by the St. Louis Rams and became the first openly gay player in the NFL. In extremis , that is to say, he was drafted in 249 th position 256 and in the seventh round when he hoped to be the fourth.
Then Michael Sam was quickly released by the Rams and spun join the reserve team of the Dallas Cowboys on Sept. 3. But in mid-October his new club left him a free agent.

"Very few" gay players playing in NFL told him to be "grateful" for what he did. Michael Sam cites no name and no number, but he believed - wrongly - that other gay footballers would like him. Yet gay players, there are a lot in the middle of the NFL, he said.

Among other topics, during the same interview, Michael Sam evokes the daily harassment and bullying of his brothers because of his homosexuality. "One day I will forgive my brothers," he says by implying that it is too bruised to do today. Michael Sam is the only one of his siblings to have a university education and have never stayed in prison.

Below is the trailer for the documentary aired on December 27, 2014 Oprah Winfrey Network TV. A significant part of the report focused on the relationship with her partner Sam Michael Vito Cammisano, who seems to have helped a lot to go through the turmoil of 2014, particularly the drafting of the hectic month of May.

Comment. Michael Sam should he come out? Of course yes!

Even if only to understand individuals as obtuse as her brothers that yes, you can be both gay and learn to play football.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca / MensGo
(via rds.ca and lapresse.ca of 27 December 2014)

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