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A gay christmas with MensGo

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of 11 December 2014) No, MensGo's not going to disappear over Christmas Eve. On the contrary, we will help you, below, find the Christmas Eve party or something else that best matches your expectations.

Gay Christmas in Lausanne

To start, here is an event in partnership with MensGo. It happens Dec. 25, 2014, 19 pm to 2 am, just before Santa Claus starts rolling across the skies.

This happens specifically in GT's bar & lounge club and Backstages Club de Lausanne (Avenue Tivoli 5).

Click to enlarge. © GT's.
Click to enlarge. © GT's.

The party capital of Switzerland will put you out on a full stomach and full ears. Even if you have eyes bigger than your stomach, the ticket is one price: 49 CHF or 40 €. Do not worry, puns are offered by the house. For that price, the four dishes we serve you a "traditional Italian menu" Tiziano will be serving this in a Pink Tutu.
(Warning, reservations required.)

And to keep a souvenir of the evening even more memorable, the organizers will stage Catherine d'Oex and Gallavin. Both artists made ​​common scene three times in November, so it should cooing in the ear canals.
In fact,  Gallavin advises us that he has just released a second album, So Sad the Songs. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to buy a copy and to autograph to give to your sweetheart love?

Christmas Belles Jungle in Geneva

If you prefer to go to Geneva, another feast awaits you December 25, 2014, but by 23 pm to dawn. That gives you time to swallow all or part of Italian meal in Lausanne and arrive for the opening of doors to Moa Club of Geneva. Do not forget to buy your ticket in advance at 25 CHF (€ 20.8) otherwise you will pay the 30 CHF on site (€ 24.9).

Click to enlarge. © Gay-Party.com
Click to enlarge. © Gay-Party.com

You will not be out of place, since there as the event takes place in partnership with MensGo. Do not hesitate to ask if you get lost on the way, where are the five star MensGo shepherd. Young voices from the street will be pointing fingers at a festive way of Chemin des Batailles 22, Vernier-Geneva. And what will you find once there? First and foremost, if I believe the poster, hot-Gogo Dancers for Christmas. Those who remain will have two dance floors to express themselves while their eyes and ears will be subjected to a pounding in good standing of a gay porn actor.

Otherwise, read the poster and reserve yourself the pleasure of discovery (festive) without the displeasure of the overdraft (bank).

A Christmas Eve elsewhere?

Looking for a different event in another city, another country or on another date? One solution, consult the entertainment calendar on MensGo or goes on MensGo.com then in the Events section.

Everything is there: the picture of the month, the umpteenth month (date indicated small) and the listed events (clickable number denoted wholesale). Click on the number of events on the day you are interested to see the list of events, and then click the name of the event that interests you to read the description.

For Christmas Eve , for example, MensGo lists 14 events. And December 25, 2014 , 25 events in the cell as I write this sentence.

We remind you that on MensGo.com, all free: registration, consultation, fishing information and fishing with cute.

That's it. I offered you two big fish and I will have learned to fish festive Christmas events (you financeras yourself). It only remains for me to wish you the best for the holiday season.
(And for the New Year's Eve? Just give me time to write a few lines on it ...)

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo

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