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El Shad’, the first LGBT magazine in Algeria

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of 27 November 2014) The first delivery of the Algerian quarterly webzine El Shad ' was released on November 20, 2014. The magazine, free and in French, is addressed to all of the Algerian, indeed Arabic LGBTI community.

El Shad ' for homophobia algériennesans society.
El Shad ' for homophobia algériennesans society.

Title El Shad ' refers to an insult shad which relates more or less - if I understand - to pédégouine (in english the closest I can get to this is 'Queer Dyke'. At least this term does not include any form of heterosexual sex. "It is time to take ownership of this word," proclaimed the founders of the magazine that also assigns the task of showing that "Algerian society today needs to be tolerant of difference."

The magazine has a Facebook page to communicate with its readers and supporters. Online release is via the self-publishing platform MadMagz.

Each issue focuses on a theme and highlights an association that works in North Africa on the same theme. The first issue is devoted specifically to trans people and transsexuality. The date of November 20 is also the International Day in memory of the victims transgender ( TDOR ).

The interviewee in this inaugural issue is a transsexual named Estelle who is aged 38 years. The association highlighted entitled Alouen. It is in this association arguably that the kingpin of the magazine (O. Harim) and the other two co-founders of the magazine (Sappho and SP). El Shad ' , however, has no direct connection with Alouen. The association is also Alouen partner Lexo Fanzine , a lesbian magazine created several years ago and distributed in PDF format.

A brief lexicon of transsexuality and an overview of the transsexual Culture complement the thematic part of the first issue of El Shad ' .

The second edition, to be published in February 2015, will focus on homosexual love. Not on fornication and somersaults but the feeling of brands, affection and tenderness.
This number will speak in both French and Arabic, to be accessible to the greatest number.

Congratulations to our new colleagues and good luck to them!

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo
(via Algerie-focus.com of 27 November 2014)

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