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Implicit green light from the Supreme Court on gay marriage in five American states

(Blogmensgo, gay blog October 8, 2014) The Federal Supreme Court denied on October 6, 2014, to decide urgently on the constitutionality of the ban on gay marriage in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin. The road to gay marriage is therefore provisionally free in these five states.

Below is a story on the home of the new by gays and lesbians couples settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

The Supreme Court held that the referral by the five states could only be on the bottom. Decisions Court of Appeals therefore remain applicable as of right and not subject to appeal suspension. In other words, until the Supreme Court rules on the merits, the prohibition of marriage between persons of the same sex in these states is unconstitutional.

This non-decision of the highest American court door 19 to 24 the number of states that must be considered ipso facto as to the legality of gay and lesbian marriages.

Eleven other states are affected by similar or identical cases, up to 30 states could soon be asked to consider same-sex marriage legal. These states include North Carolina, South Carolina, Colorado, Kansas, West Virginia and Wyoming, these six States citizen to three federal courts of appeal upon which the five states in which the Supreme Court has shut up.

[ Update of October 8, 2014 . This same court just ruled unconstitutional the ban on gay marriage in Nevada (which the government chose not to defend) and Idaho (which is likely to bring the case before the Court Supreme Federal). It is therefore now 26 states where gay and lesbian marriage to be considered legal.]

The decision not to decide anything right now definitely has surprised many observers. Including the LGBT community, which welcomes pending Grand Soir a final decision legalizing gay marriage nationwide.
Federal Supreme Court appears to have chosen not to act as the decisions of the courts of federal appellate courts will not contradict himself. For now, they are all in favor of gay marriage.

Some believe that the Supreme Court wants to give it time. That is to say, it allows time for gays and lesbians couples to marry and decide definitively once the situation will become inextricably ... favorable to gay marriage.
So she had carried in the 1960s, by not ruling on interracial marriage that once these, in 1967, came to the manners in 34 states.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo
(via the entire American press of 6 October 2014, in particular the New York Times )

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