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The French refused to abolish gay marriage, but …

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of October 1, 2014) If in 2017 the line was for the business, 73% of French are opposed to a repeal of the Taubira law opening marriage to same-sex couples, according to a survey released by Odoxa September 27 2014 Even 56% of supporters of the UMP (right, former ruling party) believe that we should not remove gay marriage.

A right half soluble homophobia. Click to enlarge. © Odoxa.fr.
A right half soluble homophobia. Click to enlarge. © Odoxa.fr.

The survey shows a strong overall adherence to marriage between persons of the same sex. But also a significant contrast, a quarter of the population (26%) are saying they want it annulled.

However, the subject remains highly controversial even within the UMP, with 44% of supporters saying they want the disappearance of gay marriage if the right regains power. The figure is almost identical (43%) if we take into account all the supporters of right.

56% (supporters of the UMP) or 57% (supporters of the right) does not correspond to a percentage of 'positive attitudes towards gay marriage, but a new state of opinions: many of them do not consider the fight against gay marriage as a priority action.

In fact, only 6% of supporters of the UMP or other right-wing parties (against 4% for all French) believe that the campaign for the primary within the UMP should focus on societal issues such that marriage for all, values, national identity, etc.

Methodology. survey conducted on 25 and 26 September 2014 with 1,001 users at least 18 years constituting a representative sample of the major French population. Quota method (age, gender and occupation) after geographical distribution. Survey conducted by Odoxa for the QED program on i> Tele.

Comment. nothing is ever forever.

The extreme complacency many media regarding ostensibly homophobic events and their muses certify that vigilance is still required. Vigilance which the figures in this survey show that it should certainly not be relaxed. Now or before the presidential election in 2017.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo
(via The Seattle Lesbian of September 24, 2014)

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