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A year of gay marriage in New Zealand

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of 19 August 2014) Some 926 gay marriages were celebrated in New Zealand between 19 August 2013 and 18 August 2014 Marriage between persons of the same sex, also attracting a large minority of foreign nationals, including Australians.

Of the 926 LGBT couples who have been married for a year, only 532 were from New Zealand. Among them, 119 lesbian couples and 95 gay couples have just converted their PACS (civil union) in favor of a marriage in itself.

There were a few more lesbian marriages (520 weddings, including 333 between New Zealanders) than gay marriages (marriages 406, 199 between two New Zealanders) during this period.

Gay marriage: the more reason to make a "Journey to the New Zealand" (etching by Charles Meryon, 1866). © NGA / Rosenwald Collection.
Gay marriage: the more reason to make a "Journey to the New Zealand" (etching by Charles Meryon, 1866). © NGA / Rosenwald Collection.

Foreign couples come mainly from Australia (118 and 120 weddings lesbians gay marriage) and, to a lesser extent, China (11 and 17) or the UK (7 and 6), but also in Singapore (9 lesbian weddings) and Thailand (6 gay marriages). Gay marriage is illegal in many of these countries, particularly in neighboring Australia.

New Zealand has not abolished the PACS, but it only affected 66 couples since August 19, 2013, against 331 couples over the same period of 2012-2013. More than half of the PACS (38) were contracted by heterosexual couples and the rest by lesbians couples (15) and Gay (13).

The Interior Ministry is satisfied with these figures. The geographical breakdown shows that gay marriage offers New Zealand a significant tourism advantage.

The legalization of gay marriage in New Zealand, passed April 17, 2013 (see our article ) became effective August 19, 2013 (see our article ). Marriage is now "the union of two people, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or gender identity."

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo
(via all New Zealand Press August 18, 2014, including Scoop politics and ABP Live )

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