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(Blogmensgo, gay blog August 4, 2014) The center of the capital Hanoi has seen on Sunday, Aug. 3, 2014, some 300 people attending the third local Gay Pride, entitled VietPride Vietnam. Without tanks, but by bicycle, foot, and with all the colors of the rainbow, but in a festive protest context.

VietPride: website | Facebook page

The best photo from August 3, 2014 in Vietnam. © Vietpride.info.
The best photo from August 3, 2014 in Vietnam. © Vietpride.info.

Besides that it was marked by rainbow flags, cyclodéfilé (especially bike and scooter) had to stand for originality at 8 am in the morning ... 30. Gays, lesbians and trans had a beautiful view and a radiant smile, they were demonstrating for a cause, and for that they could not be more serious: the elimination of discrimination against LGBT people.

Parliament had planned in 2012 to legalize marriage between same sexcouples before abandoning the idea. This failed law is nonetheless evidence that things are starting to move in the direction of greater social acceptance of homosexuality, as slow and timid as this evolution. The government have recently removed the offense of organizing gay festivals and gay marriage.

Below is the official trailer of the VietPride:

All problems are not resolved so far, in fact, far from it. Homosexuality remains a major taboo in Vietnam, both in society and within families. As proof, by the small number of people who marched during the VietPride.

Gay Pride and local weekly events that preceded it, however, have taken place in full sight of everyone, apparently without the authorities causing problems for the parade (no cops shown in the trailer above .)

The nine members of the organizing committee - seven representatives now invite their citizens to make an appointment every first week of August in order to show their pride  in Hanoi, the thirty-six candles with the seven colors of the rainbow.

This week LGBT Pride Vietnamese enjoyed the official support of several international institutions and foreign embassies, including the United Nations Programme for Development ( UNDP ), the USAid , the United States, the Netherlands, Canada and the Goethe Institute German.

Comment.  France - former colonial power in Vietnam - is not on the list of partner organizations. The VietPride is supported by the Netherlands, but not Holland.

This article was translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo
(via Pink News of August 3, 2014)

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