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Jack the Swede Johansson elected Mister Gay Europe 2014

Jack Johansson (click to enlarge). © Beate A. Tecza / MrGayEurope.com.
Jack Johansson (click to enlarge). © Beate A. Tecza / MrGayEurope.com.

BlogMensGo, Gay Blog of June 22, 2014) This is the Swede of 20 years, Jack Johansson, who has won the title of Mister Gay Europe 2014 after a final from Bregenz (Austria) on the 14th of June 2014. The blond, blue-eyed Irishman Robbie succeeds Obara.

Jack Johannson measures 1.79m and studied dance in Balettakadamien in his homeland. The young man wants to be an artist. He is financing his studies by doing odd jobs as a server, dancer, choreographer, producer, director and Musical artist.

Mister Gay Europe 2014 intends to use his new fame in various ways across the LGBT community. For example crisscrossing the European gay paride during his “mandate”, Jack wants to become a model of inspiration for both young gays seeking benchmarks for their seniors who need to be accepted.

For the record, Jack Johansson was among the top four in all events noted. Four dolphins, in descending order, are the British Austrian candidates (winnder of internet users), Denmark and Northern Ireland.

15 candidates have been submitted for a whole week to 12 events of all kinds. Besides the traditional parades in gala or swimsuit, cosmopolitan, have to prove their photographic talents, artistic, linguistic, water and folk music.

Below the test of swimsuit:

To see the grand final of June 14th, click here.

Jack Johansson, as in a musical (which he is the hero). © Beate A. Tecza / MrGayEurope.com.
Jack Johansson, as in a musical (which he is the hero). © Beate A. Tecza / MrGayEurope.com.

Comment: Well done to Jack Johansson, he has done well to win this competition.  However, the gay world has evolved so much over the years.  To give someone a title such as Mr Gay Europe, I wonder if this is really the correct way forward? For me personally, to see a young guy who is supposed to be the face of the gay community when I was of school age as someone to look up to (as happened through my younger years) just caused me further confusion, I could not understand why I was supposed to like someone like this when I didn't, my feelings of not being 'normal' were further beaten.  The gay community is now so vast with so many different scenes.  The Bear scene has Mr Bear, Mr Cub, Mr Chaser etc, the leather scene has Mr Leather.  But to represent the entire gay community we have to accept that Mr Gay is someone who belongs to one segment of our community and is probably only to the tastes of the organisers and their followers - Matt

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo


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