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Gay Jeans take on thw rainbow over washes

(Blogmensgo, gay blog of 27 April 2014) ßetabrand, clothes label is in participatory financing offering users a unique experience: Gay Jeans, whose successive washes transform the color from its original colour indigo to show a rainbow stitching.

ßetabrand  : Gay Jeans for guys | for girls

Below, Steven B. Wheeler explains the principle and operation of Gay Jeans:

U.S. stylist Steven B. Wheeler ßetabrand designed to reveal their jeans which Original as successive washes deprive the facade color hue. Through an indigo blue to rainbow sky on each leg, Gay Jeans hear advocate for both fashion and the sexual orientation of anyone who takes such jeans ... and lava!

The operation was launched in early March 2014 in crowdfunding (crowdfunding) . Each purchaser obtains the right to acquire jeans with 10% discount (or $ 88.20 each) and free shipping cost. And each subscriber can get up to 30% discount (ie $ 68.60) up to its implementation, provided that the original purpose of sales is reached. Note that 10% of proceeds will be donated to the LGBT Center in San Francisco , the city where the Gay Jeans are made.

Click to enlarge. © Betabrand. Com
Click to enlarge. © Betabrand. Com

April 25, 2014, eighteen days before the end of the subscriptions, the model for women had reached 134% of its target model for men and 449% of its target. The initial funding target was already reached on 16 April. However happy buyers and subscribers should expect to receive in August 2014 the first parcel.

Careful measurements and shipping addresses relate exclusively to the United States. So you will have to know someone on hand to offer you a jean rainbow sky.

Click to enlarge. © Betabrand.com.
Click to enlarge. © Betabrand.com.

The success of the operation owes much to Steven B. Wheeler and his art to explain things with humor. It is only to read his frequently asked questions to be convinced. The young designer explains how the buyer can help her jeans out of the closet. Between sandpaper, lemon juice and bleach should be to find the right dosage that will uncover an arc-en-ciel much faster than the first few washes.

Steven and ßetabrand are also judicious and viral massive use of social networks.  And press releases. One published by Steven on page Gay Jeans is irresistibly funny. He announced "the discovery of Gay Jeans [gay jeans], evidence that some really Denim born like that."  And press conferences. Those responsible for the operation explained that, no, Gay Jeans do become gay than those who are already, as well as driving a Toyota does not transform an American motorist in Japanese.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo (via 7sur7.be April 23 and Le Soir on 24 April 2014)



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