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When a homophobic nun triggers a war of religion in a Catholic school

(Blogmensgo, gay blog 02 April 2014) A nun has excited the Charlotte Catholic High School.  In this school of North Carolina, students and parents are not at all appreciated the homophobic remarks. They know everyone, including the pope.

Beginning of the petition. Click to enlarge.
Beginning of the petition. Click to enlarge.

Sister Jane Dominic Laurel is not a nun like no other. It supports neither homosexuality or divorce, or single mothers. And she indicated in selected words, 21 March 2014, at a conference in Charlotte Catholic High School. The nun was invited on the basis of his doctorate in theology. Many teachers are left with tears while the nun uttered imprecations against gays, lesbians, divorced and single mothers, whose sinful life would be contrary to the precepts of God.

A few days later, a group of students and parents launched this petition Emma Winters I just signed. The petition formally addressed to "those who organized / authorized the conference March 21, 2014 at Charlotte Catholic High School." The petitioners are furious that the organizers "knew the content of the speech [Nun] and allowed the expression of those ideas in a school that should preach a message of love and acceptance."

The petition, which was sent to the bishop and even the Pope Francis, lists ten major complaints against the organizers of the conference and the nun. "We believe that same-sex couples are able to raise happy children, well-adjusted and holders of satisfaction," says the text. And specifying that "gay couples are capable of monogamy" and that "most gay people lead healthy, normal and productive lives as their heterosexual counterparts."

The rest of the petition portrays Chinese shadow of the nun and her strange argument homophobic.

Other students have launched a petition against-motivated by their "Catholic beliefs" and railing that "anyone can rise against a nun who gave his life to the Lord."

Comment. Why am I talking about this obscure case in an obscure school in an obscure town in North Carolina? This story I read on a Catholic news site that has very pointedly summarized the arguments against the nun before discussing briefly - to balance his article - the cons-petition.

I also mention this because the arguments of the nun, as they appear in the petition that condemns, worth their weight in peanuts. Guys become gay because they masturbate or watch porn, etc.. These arguments are more about psychiatry than rhetoric.

Finally, I mention to show that even among practicing Catholics there are progressive and rational minds. It suffices to be convinced, compare the phraseology of the two petitions: one side a clear and factual argument, the other a candied bondieuserie in dogmatic nonsense.The petition of the students and parents of Charlotte Catholic High School is more meritorious than Charlotte - where I briefly stayed there a few decades - is a city whose morals are corrupted by a pronounced religious obscurantism.

This article has been translated from our French blog, to view the original, click here.

Philca & Matt / MensGo (via CatholicCulture.org )


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